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22 September 2010

De-stress for Success!

Stress got you down? So… It’s your first year at Cal and you’ve found that it’s a little more overwhelming than expected. You've had all of less than half a week to move in and get acclimated to campus. Before you could even blink, you were sitting in your first lecture with a sea of hundreds of students just like you. The professor lectured about a subject that either put you to sleep or left you completely befuddled. As steam blows fumes out of your ears from a terrible day, you reminisce of getting lost on campus, shelling out hundreds of dollars on textbooks, and fighting with your new roommate over how much clutter you haven’t unpacked in the room. What do you do now? Mom and dad are long gone, and you’re all alone... right? NO! Relax… you have a PAL!

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22 March 2010

GO TO SLEEP! (Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease :-) )

It's about 10:32 and 30 seconds p.m. You are in the living room laying comfortably with your Snuggie. Of course on the television is the latest popular teenage flick and you are enjoying it thoroughly. As you bite the last morsel of your chocolate chip cookie and drink the last drop of your milk.... You hear footsteps approach you as a shadowy figure appears....

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10 February 2010

Getting Set for Summer in the Spring

Spring Semester is a time when a lot of people start setting up summer internships, research positions, or jobs. The Career center web site and Callisto Job Postings are great resources that can help you with finding jobs and internships as well as developing skills like resume building. You can sign up for the CareerMail mailing list for the receive emails about employer events, workshops and other opportunities you might not have thought to look for! If you are graduating and taking some time off before starting graduate school, medical school or other professional education you might also be interested in using the Letter Service through the career center. Your letters can be kept confidential and sent out when you need them. Summer research can also be a great way to gain experience and participate in research without having school to worry about at the same time. SPUR is an excellent research opportunity that is open only to CNR students. Students can initiate projects or they can apply to join a faculty initiated project the web site: has all the details and deadlines for Spring 2010 and Summer 2010. There are also some graduating PALs that would be happy to discuss how they started getting ready for the job market or graduate/ medical school, so feel free come by our office hours, we welcome your questions :D !

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21 November 2009

Life after Cal

Now that I am finally graduating (in a month or so!), I decided to revisit my blog from 3 years ago regarding my future career goals. Honestly, not much have changed, but my focus has become much more focused from all of the experiences I've had. Below are some answers to common questions I am receiving right now. But I want to emphasize this: pursue what you are passionate in. Yes, these are difficult times, and sometimes I wish I knew exactly what I wanted to pursue or if I just said that I wanted to pursue an MD (I like to explore all of my options before deciding, and I'm kind of slow). Be persistent. Do what you love. And don't feel pressured to know what you want to do. I certainly don't really know right now (and I'm panicking), but it's normal. Plus, people change their minds as their lives change. So don't feel like what you decide now is what you have to do in the future. Let your interests guide you.

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19 June 2009

Attending Professional Conferences

First of all, I can't believe it has almost been a month since the end of the semester, and already, the next semester seems to be looming not far ahead...where has the time gone! I'm sure all of you are keeping busy, whether it is traveling with friends, taking classes, or participating in awesome programs and internships. Keeping busy is always good. As for me, I am currently still doing research in Chelsea Specht's lab on a topic that I never thought I would be working on (virus-induced gene silencing, a type of reverse genetics technique). It has been really exciting and frustrating, but overall, quite a satisfying experience. While I love talking about research (and I encourage all of you to try to get some research experience just to see if you'll enjoy it), another thing I find to be very important is attending professional conferences.

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03 June 2009

What am I up to this summer?

This summer I am doing clinical research at the Berkeley Optometry center here in UC Berkeley. So far I have just survived my third day at work. I started training on Monday and there are lots of office tasks and different experiment procedures to learn. You know those flyers on the bulletin boards in different buildings that say "Do you wear glasses?", "Soft contact lens studies" or "Toric Lens studies"? I realized that I will be one of those people assisting the experiments.

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10 May 2009

My Summer Plans

In two weeks I will be leaving for Uganda, and I'm really excited! I am going to be working with the Uganda Village Project, a non-profit providing sustainable public health projects in the Iganga District of Uganda. I have never been to Africa before, so I'm excited, but at the same time I don't really know what to expect. I'm pretty much ready to go; I got my malaria pills, my passport, my plane ticket. I will be there for two and a half months, with no electricity, flushing toilets, or running water.

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