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02 November 2011

I just submitted my Apps!!! :D

So for seniors and uber prepared youngsters the stress of what to do after graduation can be pretty daunting. Well for me it was! After some soul searching for a couple of months I decided that I wanted to go to pharmacy school and then do a residency in clinical toxicology. At first I disregarded Pharmacy since I didn’t want to fill bottles at Walgreens, but then I really started doing my research and found about the TONS of things you can do with a pharmacy degree outside of retail. So here I am on my path to pharmacy school all ready for pharm school….then…BAM! Apps slapped me in the face!....BUT then I slapped back and now I’m done with apps! Yay! (crossing fingers for UCSF)

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07 September 2011

Hot Mess right now, but you should be an MEB OR MOL TOX MAJOR!!!

It's only the 3rd week and I'm already in hot mess mode. Classes are starting and already everything is chaotic like it usually is. Luckily I'm over 13 units so that's half the battle. If, however, you are on the waitlist for more than half of your classes don't sweat! First for most classes usually a lot of the people that are on the waitlist eventually get in. Heck as a unit hoarder myself I started at 22 units and eventually dropped 8 units worth of classes. Also if you drop classes it will now cost you $$$$.

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21 April 2011

So you wanna join a research lab?

An accessory on level with the latest iphone and miniature dog, lab research is a must have for biology majors. Just the idea of getting published and wearing the coveted lab coat as an undergrad is making swarms of bio majors fight for such positions through URAP or SPUR. The constant reminder of today's slow economy has only escalated the rush to get these spots. Especially with the reverence of Berkeley biology professors it seems impressive to slap onto your resume “research assistant” next to the name of a professors who is considered an academic god and has published more papers than one can read. We are often bombarded with people telling us how research is a necessity for professional/grad school, summer internships and boy does it show. Tips on how to get positions in labs and what to expect have often been a focus of many people who come to office hours (yeah so just FYI those that come to OH get lots of insider info on classes, lab and stuff so if you are ever unsure or need advice on stuff come talk to us! =D). Now for the tips!

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01 March 2011

Make the Most of Cal & STUDY ABROAD

Need a change of pace? Whether or not you think you already have too much to do or not enough, take a step back and think about what you've done so far at Cal and what you would still like to do. Not sure about the possibilities for the future? There are so many. I don't know about you, but I'm one of those multi-taskers who seem to always put too much on my plate to handle. But so far as a graduating senior who has done two study abroad programs, a minor, founded an organization, gone to Central America for a medical mission, worked in college, and volunteer at a hospital, I think I've done pretty well for myself. I want to share my varying experiences in hopes that you will have more opportunities to chose from.

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18 December 2010

Semester is Oooover!

So I finished finals on Wednesday and have spent the past couple of days just eating, sleeping and again eating. Now that classes are over I guess I can take about the amaaaaazing classes I took in the fall.

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05 October 2010

Telebears?! Yay new classes!

So I guess it’s that time of the year again…TELE-BEARS!!!! Earlier today I went to Mulford (and so should everybody since it is so amazing!) and picked up my telebears form in 260 so as to get ready for planning. CNR makes it especially easy with its emails and computerized scheduling system so that I could choose what convenient time to see my academic adviser, but first I have to see my faculty adviser. Luckily many of the advisers are nice and after only a short email transaction I’m now scheduled to see my faculty adviser this Friday. This is pretty nice since my appointment with Jenny is on Monday and you have to see your faculty adviser before you can see your academic adviser. Now for some of the classes I highly recommend for spring:

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I just submitted my Apps!!! :D

Hot Mess right now, but you should be an MEB OR MOL TOX MAJOR!!!

So you wanna join a research lab?

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Semester is Oooover!

Telebears?! Yay new classes!

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