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09 November 2010

Westside Wonders

If you're anything like me, you probably have a lot of trouble figuring out your food situation. As a college student, my diet has definitely taken a hit without my parents cooking. Cooking is just plain hard to do, even remembering to eat when your work load just doesn't seem to allow for it. The easiest way for me to get a decent meal in a day is to eat out. Here are a couple good restaurants that I've found in my search for food. And yes, all of them are from the west side of campus because its the best part of Berkeley! And because I live there.

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29 November 2006


When I was just a senior in high school thinking about coming to a big place like Berkeley, my main concern was being able to make friends. I was leaving behind people that I had known for years and people that knew me so well... how could I ever find replacements for them? Well, I realized I couldn't, but I eventually made lots of new friends that could never take their place, but still supported me in so many ways. I found it's easiest to make friends by joining clubs, playing intramural sports, or getting a campus job. I got a job at the library, joined CLAM and CalSO, and looked for smaller classes where I could get to know people easier (Spanish and language courses ROCK for that reason). The residence halls also made it really easy to meet people because... yeah... when you share the same bathroom with 15 guys you kinda have to get to know them quick. I met a lot of people who were just like me because we were interested in the same stuff, and they have come to be my community here at Cal. I would be nothing without them because they calm me down when I'm stressed out, cheer me up when I'm sad, and are just plain awesome to hang out with if I want to get out and do some explorin'... yep, I'm so grateful for everything they have done for me over the years! So if you're lookin' to meet some new people, you have to branch out a little bit! Clubs are made solely so people can meet other people... take advantage of it! Your new best bud might be out there somewhere waiting for you... :) But no matter what... I never forgot about all my old friends back home. I think it's the most fun to come back for holidays and visit all my old friends because they really do know me the best, and it's nice to share adventures with them when you're home from different places. It's like that song goes.. 'make new friends, but keep the old'... it's probably the best darn advice out there.

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22 November 2006


I love my friends. I came from a small high school and my graduating class was around 130. When I first came to Berkeley, the thought of making friends in my intro science classes of a few hundred students like my freshman Chem 1A class was daunting. However, after a few weeks, it was so easy to talk to my classmates and easily form covalent bonds (haha). My lab and smaller discussion classes as well as SLC study groups allowed me to get to know people better, and now I still keep in touch with friends I have met from my freshman year. It really helps to be able to call someone up and complain and they're able to empathize. Also, since I am from SoCal, my friends are able to cheer me up whenever I miss home. It's important to balance your social and academic life!

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20 November 2006


Away from family, away from hometown, away from things that I was once familiar with, I found myself relying on friends a lot. I met most of my friends through clubs, labs, discussions, and study groups. However, my best friends in Berkeley are the girls I met while living in Stern in freshman year. Since I went back to Irvine only on long weekends like thanksgiving or spring break, I spend most of my weekends and past time with friends. In the past two years, we’ve grown together, went to movies, went to SF, went shopping, went clubbing, taken classes and studies hard together, celebrated birthdays, shared laughers and tears, and most importantly, shared priceless memories. Time flies! We met when we were 18, now we’re all turning 21. Cherish the friends you meet in college! You learn from every friend. The relationship is mutual. Sometimes you give and sometimes you receive. Some friendships might not last forever, but it’s the memories and the process that count!

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17 November 2006

The Real Value of Friendship

Friends are important to our well-being. If we are fortunate we will have a true friend to whom we can spill our guts; to whom we can express who we really are; to whom we can relieve stresses we didn’t even know we had. We can depend on a true friend. With no one to depend on or rely on for help, wouldn’t the world be a lonely place? Most friends are really acquaintances. They are people who we might hang out with during lab or at Bear’s Lair. These people are important too. Socializing helps us build character. We should always be conscious of the lessons that we can learn from friends and acquaintances. It might not seem like certain people can teach us anything. But be observant and reflective and you will realize something from them that will help you see things or yourself differently. Isn’t that what friends really are for?

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18 November 2006

Importance of Friendships

Friends are essential in life. They help you when you need it, listen to whatever you have to say (funny, annoying, sad, embarrassing, serious, and so on), laugh with you, talk with you….they are the people you choose to spend your time with, share your secrets with, and just have fun with. Yet sometimes, friendships can be hard to form and to maintain, especially when coming to college. I was fortunate enough to have several good friends from high school come to Cal so that I wouldn’t feel like I was lonely. At the same time, I worried how I would maintain friendships with many of my other friends and develop new friendships.

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15 November 2006

Family and Friends

For many of us, coming to Cal was a major transition, not only in the caliber of your coursework and college environment, but also in the people you meet. Most of your friends have probably decided to attend a college different from yours, which meant that you had to start out fresh in social networking. And making a new set of friends. This sounds like a defunct cliche, but friends are extremely important in college. They are the support you have during downtimes and define much of your college experience. Friends can often mediate stressful or upsetting situations, and make "happy" times even better. When you feel overwhelmed by your coursework or activities, they can be there to cheer you up. Family is also a significant part of our lives. Keeping in touch with parents or siblings can make a difference, no matter how estranged your relationship with them seemed when you left home. Drop them a line occasionally to catch up with what's going on back at home, because family is the one social network that you've always been tied to, and one that you can rely on and trust.

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14 November 2006


I love the show "FRIENDS"!! It is so funny!! I have all 10 seasons!! I think I am very lucky to have friends and family who are there for me especially to help me through those difficult times in my life. You really don't realize how much they mean to you until you really need them. If it weren't for my family and friends I probably wouldn't have gotten through some of the obstacles in my life. Having strong support from them is very important to me. Having them close by has helped make going through college a lot more bearable.

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