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19 September 2007

My 1st Year

I remember my freshman year fairly well. I was somewhat overwhelmed, and I attended many different club meetings. I took Chem 1A, Math 1A, an ESPM seminar, and ESPM 11 (forestry). I went to a lot of the Career Center's workshops on balancing extracurriculars, how to get involved in research, becoming a doctor, and other health career options. I was involved with AMSA (a premed club on campus that's really cool about giving you an introduction to the premed field) and I attended ABSK, what's now known as Koinonia, a Christian fellowship on campus. I met very friendly people there and I got to learn more about the Bible and how it applies to everyday, college life. It was an awesome experience. I didn't start participating in volunteering until my sophomore year, just because I wanted to concentrate on my classes my first year. It depends on the individual and how much you are able to handle! I had a difficult time being away from home, and I felt somewhat overwhelmed with trying to decide my career as a freshman, which was something I shouldn't have worried and stressed so much over (now that I am a senior). So, my advice to you if you are a freshman is to focus on your major and think about what classes you want to take, and find clubs that you are interested in and will stick with for the next few years. Explore areas around campus that you could volunteer or work in. Talk to your professors, and go to office hours. Join IM sports or casual-for-fun sport clubs. Be active!

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01 May 2007


It's nearing finals and everyone is itching for summer to just hurry up and come. This semester has gone by like all the other ones do, and have yet to grasp the fact that I have 2 more semesters left. Like Alex, I will be a senior this Fall, and that thought scares me (people still think I'm in high school). I have learned much from this semester, academically and personally, that have strengthened my character. I do believe that both college's and high school's junior years are the toughest, because that is when the stress of what you are going to do for the rest of your life starts to kick in (for me at least). It is when you are beginning to see yourself as an adult and when you and all your friends are turning 21.

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01 May 2007

Fun Stuff

I usually find time to shop maybe a couple times a semester. When the urge hits me, I find myself heading to Emeryville's Bay Street (you can catch the F from Bancroft going toward SF and get off at Bay Street). I like Banana Republic, B&N, Gap, and the cute, pink bakery shop they have. And, I have a car here, so it makes going to Emeryville all the more tempting. However, I don't like to drive to SF. It makes me very nervous! I'm from Orange County, where one lane of a road can really fit two cars side-by-side. But anywho, I do enjoy shopping on Market. You can easily catch the BART, although I would recommend waiting a bit, considering the recent freeway loss will increase public transportation use.

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20 April 2007

On Picking My Major

It is difficult as a high school student to select one's major out of hundreds when you come to the online page where titled "Major." How do you do it? For one, there are many resources one could take advantage of at the library or the bookstore that tells you "how to pick your major" or which is "the best major for you." Personally, I have never read these books--not only are they a bit pricy, but they weigh a ton and are usually larger than my chemistry textbook.

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27 March 2007

Spring Break is here

So it's that time again! We students finally get one week to catch up on homework, studying, and projects. I have been relaxing, spending time with friends and family, and reading. I also plan to do some project work and studying, since I have a midterm the Monday school starts back up again (which sucks a lot). I have been enjoying myself a lot lately and can't believe break is almost half way over. My advice for you is to treasure the time you have with your family and your friends, because it goes by fast!

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11 March 2007


Hey guys! So this is a fun topic to write about. My favorite movie would have to be the one I saw yesterday, 300. It is an action-packed flick about courage, honor, and loyalty with stunning graphics and a bit of history as well. Although I am easily satisfied with movies, moments from this movie really touch me and without putting up any spoilers, I highly recommend that you go see it. I went to the Metreon in hopes of seeing it a la imax, but unfortunately, tickets were sold out by the time I arrived...I recommend you make reservations early!

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30 January 2007

A New Year, New Semester

Welcome back everyone! It is not in my habit to make a New Year's resolution, but I do have a few things in mind I want to do for this year: 1. Take the MCAT! This is the most stressful thing on my mind right now, and I have been pushing it later and later in my schedule. First it was April, then it was June, and now I'm thinking of taking it in August, because I don't feel I'm ready yet! 2. Read some fun books! Ever since I've came to Cal, I haven't read one single book that isn't for one of my classes (although I do enjoy the ones I read in class). My favorite ones are about vampires :o) 3. Keep up with class reading! This is something I feel is so easy to put off, because unless you're being quizzed on reading every week, you don't feel the compulsion to keep up with reading. No more night-before-cramming! 4. Play the piano! I have become extremely, utterly rusty with this. As I type this, I can just imagine how much my fingers will shake when I try to press the keys down. I want to be able to play Clair de lune smoothly! 5. Eat more healthily. Last semester, too many days I have had only one meal a day with candy to satiate me in between classes. I believe this has affected my energy and lifestyle, and if I eat at least two meals a day, I will feel much better! That's all for now :o)

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18 December 2006

Winter Break is Here

Hey guys! Now that Winter Break is here, I plan to rest up and relax. I am planning on taking my MCAT in April, so I also want to be studying for that. For fun, I'm going to be snowboarding with my brother and catching up on some good reads. I'll most likely be a couch potato and watch some TV too. Not too mention have Blockbuster nights with my family! I hope all your finals went well, and be sure to mentally prepare for next semester! We are half way through the year, congratulations!

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22 November 2006


I love my friends. I came from a small high school and my graduating class was around 130. When I first came to Berkeley, the thought of making friends in my intro science classes of a few hundred students like my freshman Chem 1A class was daunting. However, after a few weeks, it was so easy to talk to my classmates and easily form covalent bonds (haha). My lab and smaller discussion classes as well as SLC study groups allowed me to get to know people better, and now I still keep in touch with friends I have met from my freshman year. It really helps to be able to call someone up and complain and they're able to empathize. Also, since I am from SoCal, my friends are able to cheer me up whenever I miss home. It's important to balance your social and academic life!

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06 November 2006

My Hometowns

I am originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, and moved to the mainland (Southern California) when I was around 3 or 4 with my family. I don't remember much of Honolulu from back then, but once in awhile during the summer I go back to the islands (usually Maui) to visit family and friends. My parents used to take me and my younger brother to the beach every day, where we played in the sand and ocean. It was nice that we lived right across it. My dad used to work in Hawaii and he knows all the ins-and-outs of the islands. He held the state record for the largest Mahi Mahi fish caught for awhile too. The local dialect is pidjin.

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30 October 2006

My Favorite Places (mostly for eating)

Since I’ve been at Berkeley, there are a few places I love going to for studying, eating, napping, and relaxing. Here’s the breakdown: Eating around Campus: Indian food: try House of Curry right across the Asian Ghetto on Durant. It’s part of the Beau Sky Hotel, and the food there is a bit more expensive than Naan ‘n Curry but worth it. Chinese food: Little Hunan on Shattuck in between Center and Addison. It’s a great little-known-about restaurant with very reasonable prices and some kick-butt hot and sour soup (yummy for cold Berkeley nights). Japanese food: Kirala at the corner of Shattuck and Ward. Liked by many others too but more on the expensive side and I would suggest reserving for the weekends. Mexican food: the soon-to-be Chipotle on Telegraph right near campus. I usually drive to the one on San Pablo for their chicken burritos (with white rice!).

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17 October 2006

Coping with Midterms

So you got your midterms back and they weren’t as great as you thought? Don’t panic—many others are going through the same disappointment as well. I certainly experienced lows throughout the two years I’ve been at Cal. How do you cope? There is no exact answer…but I suggest going over your exam to see what you did wrong. I know you don’t want to even be reminded of your potential low score, but finding out why you got the grade you did—whether it was because you didn’t study the most recent material as much as you should have, or if you misread the question—is very helpful for future midterms and finals.

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10 October 2006

Stress Stinks!

Perhaps one of the most difficult problems students have is stress, especially here at Berkeley. Our lives are seemingly plagued with never-ending midterms, papers, meetings, and readings. But wait! There is a way to handle it. In fact, there are many ways to handle it, depending on which works best for you. When I spoke with my friends about how they manage their stress, their responses ranged from watching TV for an hour (but no more!) to going to the gym. I personally like to take a short nap (20-40 minutes). When I wake up, this leaves me feeling refreshed and reenergized—after all, what use is studying when your brain is swimming with everything you have to do for that week?

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27 September 2006

Tips on Time Management

Often it can seem very overwhelming when it’s 9pm by the time you finally get home after class and meetings and you know you have papers to write, lab reports to finish, and reading to get done. There is a way to handle this stress—one piece at a time! My personal strategy has been to keep up-to-date with events, homework, and studying by recording them in my agenda, which I carry with me to and from class. I like to know what I have to do every day and how that fits in my whole week; for me, it lessens the feeling of being swamped down with massive amounts of studying for that bio midterm on Monday or from stress I get for thinking about the future (graduate school). Another tip is learning to prioritize (very important). However, something I have learned is that it is one thing to be able to prioritize, and another to actually get things done. Once you start, it is much easier to keep the flow going of studying.

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20 September 2006


The Berkeley campus offers so many awesome opportunities to get involved with your community or any other aspect you’re interested in. I strongly believe that you’re missing out on not only the college experience but a glimpse of what direction your future will take you if you don’t get at least a taste of activities outside of going to class. In my freshman year, I joined AMSA (American Medical Student Association), a local chapter of premedical students who offer support and many great resources to those interested in medicine or general health. Some of the things they offer include study groups, Telebears advising, medical student panels, many opportunities for volunteering, and a health career fair in the Spring semester. I am currently the Secretary where I put my organizational skills to work. In my sophomore year, I started volunteering at the Tang Center, and since then I have experienced various areas such as Medical Records, Radiology, Sports Medicine, and currently the Allergy clinic. It is primarily administrative work, and I enjoy witnessing the various infrastructures that provide health care for thousands of Berkeley students every day. Volunteering in Sports Medicine at Tang created an interest that I am currently pursuing in the Sports Medicine department on campus by interning for 10 hours a week. Just this past summer, I tutored at Berkeley High School through Cal Corp’s BUILD program, which was an experience I will never forget. It allowed me to form relationships with students while being a positive role model for disadvantaged students. I also started to volunteer at Oakland’s Children’s Hospital, where I get to be a kid again, which is always fun :-) This semester, I am planning on checking out NSU (Nikkei Student Union), a Japanese club on campus! I thoroughly encourage everyone to go after what you’re interested in—you have nothing to lose, and many doors waiting to be opened! Come to my office hours on Thursdays from 1-3 to chat some more!

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13 September 2006

Proud to be PAL Bubble-ized

For those who are familiar with my habits, they know I’m the type of person who spends hours scrunched in front of the computer researching new things—programs, opportunities, activities—because I find myself constantly wondering what kinds of great things are out there. Some say we students live in our own “Berkeley bubble” because we are so sheltered from the outside world, but I believe these students do not know the true meaning of involvement, nor do they appreciate the unique opportunities that Cal has to offer. So, after reading the PAL website and talking to a PAL about his past experiences, I decided that the PAL program would be really fun to be a part of. I realized that 1) it would be a great chance to gain leadership experience, 2) I could now tell all my friends that I have office hours and a business card, 3) I could finally get credit for giving people advice (which I love to do), and 4) I might meet the Chancellor! (Or many other cool people who are a part of running Berkeley’s campus.)

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