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18 November 2007


I hope everyone is having a good semester so far! I miss all the PALs! Well, I just stopped by to say hi and let you know what I've been up to. By the way, it's JELYN!! So, I'm just finishing up my first quarter of pharmacy school at UCSF. It has been a really great experience so far. Everyone is very helpful and does everything they can to help the students succeed. During this first quarter we, of course, take classes, but we are also introduced to all the different organizations the school has affiliated with it. Most of these organizations outreach to the community and provide great experiences that will only help nurture my career as a pharmacist. Most of the classes are really interesting and very applicable to what we will be doing in our careers. I'll update everyone again in a little while. Graduate school definitely keeps you BUSY!! Enjoy undergrad. Talk to you all soon!! -- Jelyn

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19 March 2007

What Spring Break?

Spring Break, not for me!! Well it's a break from school, but I don't get to go anywhere. Even if I didn't have anything to do, I wouldn't have money to go anywhere. So what I get to do for a whole week is spend time with my niece and nephews (who are all super fun and adorable)! I get to sleep in, see my boyfriend, hang out with my family, and I'm going to treat myself to a massage!! Yay!!! I'm so exicted! This Spring Break I decided not to put in hours at my job because I've had such a stressful semester I thought being able to relax at home would do me some good.

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16 March 2007


Well, midterms this semester were crazy!! It hit me like a train wreck!! I was so stressed out, but I got through it LUCKILY!! This was the 2nd round of midterms for most of my classes, so I kind of new what to expect. But for one of my classes, I felt totally clueless. But I think I was making a big deal out of nothing. I honestly was frustrated, but I did my best and I think that's what matters. I'm just glad I can move on to the next task and not have to worry about it anymore.

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08 March 2007

These are a few of my favorite things...

What do I like? Well there's a lot, but here is a a few of them. TV Shows My number one favorite show of all time is FRIENDS. I have all ten seasons on DVD!! The re-runs still make me laugh!! I also enjoy watching Smallville, Charmed, Will & Grace, and Dancing with the Stars. More recently I've become addicted to Heroes and Ugly Betty, which I make sure I'm up to date on via the full episodes online.

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01 March 2007

I wanna be like.... when I grow up!!

There are several people in my life who have influenced me to become the person I am today. Of course my family is a great part of my life who have motivated me to stay focused on my goals and have been so supportive in everything I do. But there is one person that I can always count on and has always been there to support me.

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05 February 2007

My Favs...

My favorite classes here at CAL are Ethnic Studies 150AC: People of Mixed Racial Descent, NST 171: Toxicology Lab, PH150A: Intro to Epidemiology, TAGALOG 1A: Intro to Tagalog, THAI 1A: Intro to Thai. The ETHSTD 150AC was a great class that really was eye opening. The teacher was Prof. Allen. He is a great teacher because he makes what you are learning interesting and he really engages your attention with the way he presents it. It let me learn about racial history from blacks to asians to native americans to mexicans and showed me different experiences of interracial people. The work load was not too bad. We had to read novels and write a one page paper relating to the novel. We had one midterm which consisted of mostly being able to define terms used in class. And we had a final project which they gave everyone the freedom to design their own project. There were really no requirements, excepting discussing it with the professor or GSIs to make sure it would be an appropriate project for the class. My final project really opened my eyes to the experiences of my friends and family and how they had been treated as an interracial person or a person in an interracial relationship. It was so much fun!!

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25 January 2007

Another New Year...

Here we are again, starting another new year. Every year people think of what their New Year's Resolution would be, but how many of us really keep up with it. Usually I fall off after a few months, but this year we'll see what happens I think I could keep up. MY NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION: "I will make more of an effort to eat healthier and exercise more. I will also do everything I can to work towards reaching my career goals." I think at least trying to keep up with making constructive changes in your life are a step in the right direction. Change is good, it helps make you stronger and keeps you on your toes! But at the same time making changes gradually helps to make dealing with changes a bit more mangeable. And I will do my best to stick with my resolution this year.

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05 December 2006

Finally, Winter Break is HERE!!

Well, I'm going to be relieved that I don't have to worry about tests and projects. But, I'm going to working up a storm during break as usual. This year though I'm actually going to make sure I have a week off to buy presents and stuff. My home is not far, but I will definitely be staying back home for break. I'm so excited for Christmas because I get to see all my family members all together. Especially because this year my Uncle and his family are coming back from Kuwait premanently. It will be nice to have them in the area again. I don't only get to see my family members for Christmas, but I also get to hang out with my boyfriends family and my extended family of friends. Being with my family during the holidays is very important to me. Even though I have to work Christmas Eve and Day. I will get off early enough for our evening celebrations!! I think it is so important to be around people you care about during the holidays. Hopefully everyone has a great break and stays SAFE!!

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14 November 2006


I love the show "FRIENDS"!! It is so funny!! I have all 10 seasons!! I think I am very lucky to have friends and family who are there for me especially to help me through those difficult times in my life. You really don't realize how much they mean to you until you really need them. If it weren't for my family and friends I probably wouldn't have gotten through some of the obstacles in my life. Having strong support from them is very important to me. Having them close by has helped make going through college a lot more bearable.

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06 November 2006

From Berkeley and Back...

I was born in Berkeley at Alta Bates Hospital. I was raised in Vallejo, CA only 30 minutes away (with no traffic). Vallejo is the home of E-40 (rapper), Mac Dre (rapper), Jeff Gordon (car racer), C.C Sabathia (baseball player), Natalie Coughlin (olympic medalist), Six Flags Marine World, the Carquinez Bridge, Marine Island Naval Base, was twice California's state capitol, and was where the first Zodiac killings happened in the '70s. Well it's a pretty nice place to live because it's far enough away from the city, but it's not too far into farm country! Vallejo is pretty much directly inbetween San Francisco and Sacramento. It does have it's bad areas, but it does have it's really expensive ones as well. There is a lot of expansion and housing development going on right now. It's CRAZY!! Vallejo has a large Filipino community, I think it ranks 2nd after Daly City!!! Although my hometown wasn't far away I never really came to Berkeley. After many years, I am back in Berkely and it is so much FUN!

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31 October 2006

Where Do I Like to Chill?

Honestly, my favorite place to be is home. I love being around my family, hanging out with my niece and nephews, spending time with my boyfriend, and just chill-axing at home. But, being at home is very distracting because I find so many other things that I would rather do than study, which I really should be doing instead. So I try to stay on campus or at my uncle's house in Oakland so I can get things done. On campus I like to study at the VLSB library, the Public Health library, or the Physics library. I usually study alone, so it's nice and quiet. If I need to check my email or print stuff out those libraries are good too. Sometimes when I'm hungry and I also need to study I'll go to Lucky Thai House on University or Le Petite Cheval on Bancroft. They both have such good food and nice environments.

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17 October 2006

Dealing with Midterms

When midterms come around I'm super stressed out, but after they pass it's such a relief! Once I take it, I try not to think about it anymore because there's nothing I can do about it. I just try to look forward and see what I can do to improve my score on the next one. I know my study habits won't change that much, but I really try to do a little more. If I did really bad on it, I would probably go see my GSI or my instructor to get some tips on how I can be more prepared. I would also try and look into finding some people to study with (if you can study well with others). I try not to stress too much off the first midterm of the semester because there is still room for improvement! Just keep looking towards the next one, and do good on that!!

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10 October 2006

Stress... How I deal....

Well, everybody has stress. It's unavoidable you just have to deal with it. Am I stressed? Oh YEAH! Currently, I have a lot on my plate. But the best way for me to deal with it, is to vent to my friends and boyfriend about what's going on. I just need to get it out there and hear myself say it out loud. Once that calms me down, I just try to take one thing at a time. If it has to do with school work or getting things done, I try to utilize time management strategies. But when it's just emotional stress, venting about the problem is the best way for me to deal. I not only release all the emotion I'm feeling, but I also am able to get someone else's point of view on the situation. Their POV helps me put the situation into perspective and makes me understand the other side of it. Most importantly... SUPPORT from others is a great way to deal with stress. This way there are others who either know what you are going through or can at least be there for you during this stressful time. HEY... and if you need someone to talk to about your stress... the PALs are here for you!! Come to our office hours or shoot us an email at!!

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26 September 2006

Managing what little time I have...(kind of)

With work, classes, studying, and extracurricular activities, who has time to relax? Not me!! But really, with everything going on in our busy lives one has to find time to just relax. I think the key to getting through all crazy, hectic busy lives we are living today is to relax and try not to stress out too much (easier said than done right?). What helps me find the time to de-stress and relax is to schedule my week out and have a calendar in my room that shows all the upcoming important deadlines for the month. It helps me to see what I need to accomplish and when they need to be done by. Don’t get me wrong, this system is not perfect. I run behind my schedule often, but it helps keep me motivated to make sure I get my work done on time. I make a goal for myself to get things done early, so sometimes it gets done early, but usually it is done right on time. I think setting a goal before the deadline is very helpful that way if you do get behind you have some cushion to complete it before the actual deadline. The fall back is that since I know when things need to be done I can see what days I can goof off before I really need to start working on stuff (DO NOT DO THIS). This also helps to know when you should ask for time off or to switch shifts (if you work) so that you have time to study before a big test, instead of all that time being taken up by work.

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19 September 2006

Other than school....

Isn't going to school enough work as it is? But there are so many great organizations and opportunities to become a part of. Obviously I am PAL and enjoy being able to have the opportunity to provide tons of useful information to my fellow students. Besides being a PAL I am also a part of the Pre-Pharmacy Informational Learning & Leadership Society (PILLS). Being a member of PILLS provides great opportunities to better understand the field of pharmacy. They offer tons of great informational sessions on pharmacy school pre-requisites and applications, along with how to get experience in a pharmacy setting. Everyone at the meetings is really friendly, welcoming, and always willing to help provide answers to questions about pre-req classes and info on where they are volunteering/working at. Come by the first general meeting on Wed 9/20/06 at 7pm in 145 Dwinelle and check out the website. Besides these CAL related programs, I also work as a Pharmacy Technician on the weekends. I have two jobs, where I work at least 8 hours per week each (so 16 hours per week total). I work in the Inpatient Pharmacy at Children's Hospital in Oakland and at the Inpatient Pharmacy at Kaiser Permanente Vallejo. I've been a Tech for about one and half years, working at both jobs right out of Tech school. They both are really fun and offer lots of opportunities for learning. I basically do the same thing at both of my jobs. As an inpatient tech, I make IV hydration solutions, TPNs (nutrients and electrolytes administered IV), IV antibiotics, and dispense the oral meds needed by the patients in the hospital. It is very rewarding to know that the meds I am making are helping to save a person's life. I became a tech to get pharmacy experience and to make sure becoming a pharmacist is really the career for me. Being a tech has showed me more about what being a pharmacist is about and what opportunities are available for pharmacists besides entering orders and filling perscriptions. If anyone has any questions about becoming a tech or about what a tech does I am more than happy to answer any questions! Come by my office hours on Tuesdays from 1:30-3:30pm. See you soon!!

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12 September 2006

Why I became a PAL!

When I transferred to Cal last Fall I didn't know much about requirements and the policies of CNR and the university. I would look online to see what I needed to take for the requirements of my major. Every so often I would go see Tammy and she'd help me figure out what I needed to do because being a transfer and in a new major kind of complicated things for me. I really wanted to be able to know what requirements I needed to graduate. I heard about the PAL program last fall and thought it was interesting, but didn't think I could manage it in the spring. I thought it was a great program that would help me throughout my college career. In addition, it would be a great outlet to share what I am learning with others who are in the same situation of not really knowing much. I think this program will be a great way to develop interpersonal relationships, network with my peers, and improve my communication skills.

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