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12 March 2007

Second Round of Midterms

Preparing for the second round of midterms can either be a positive or negative experience. These two different experiences can result depending on whether the first round of midterms went well or not and whether one is motivated during spring break. Last year, I spent my entire spring break in Berkeley preparing for my midterms. During that time, it wasn't the most enjoyable experience but the reward I gained by scoring well on my midterms made by spring break studying justified.

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29 January 2007

Time Management Resolution

If there is one aspect of my life I can adjust this semester it would be time management. Looking back on last semester, I realized that even though I would stay up late and eventually accomplish what I had set out to do, I wasn't as efficient with my time as I could have been. Trying to read with background noise or having to stop what I'm doing to have a two minute conversation may not feel like much, but in fact my time was being wasted. I feel I can remedy this problem this semester by studying and spending more time in a quiet area where distraction is limited. By accomplishing this resolution of time management, I feel other aspects of my life such as sleep length and happiness will also benefit.

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13 September 2006

PAL Dedication

When I joined the PAL program one year ago, my intentions were to provide a service to my college and in return gain valuable leadership skills in the process. Not only do I believe that I have achieved both my goals, but my perspective on campus policies and student life has really be altered for the better. When I first started the program, I was one of three students who were given the job of being a liaison to the college, answering phone calls, and advising students on a peer to peer basis. CNR isn't the largest college on campus, but there are a fair share of individuals in the college who had questions and needed advising; so myself and the two other peer advisors had our fair share of work. I admit that despite feeling under pressure and not one hundred percent certain what was going to be the fate of the program, this program was the best experience I have had at school. The ability to communicate with faculty, advisors and students on a personal basis isn't an opportunity that not many get to achieve. With that feeling after my first semester, I knew I would continue with the program to make sure it would grow and live up to its potential This semester, the program is blessed with new dedicated and wonderful peer advisor representing almost every major in CNR. What makes me look forward to our Wednesday meeting and my Wednesday office hours is not only the interaction but the pleasure of helping someone. There are numerous clubs on campus that offer services to society, but in my opinion, none more special than the PAL program. Until I graduate, I will continue to have a dedication to this program and have a fabulous time in the process.

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05 May 2006

End Of The Semester

Hey everyone: I just wanted to make a post to say thank you to all the PALs who participated in the program this semester. The program is growing immensely and we look forward to new pals joining the program starting Fall 2006. We plan on making a few changes to the program and some of us will continue to dedicate commitment to the program by meeting over summer. If you plan on continuing with the program or for some reason aren’t able to, email Donna Symon to let her know your decision. Thank you PAL's for making this semesters program a success, and I look forward to seeing you next semester. Good luck on finals! Jimmy

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