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15 October 2007

where should i study!?!?!

midterms are around the corner, i need to study but i cant concentrate at home nor do i want to go to the quiet quiet library. what should i do then? where should i go? Starting this year, i have been addicted to cafes! Not only can i drink a cup of hot soy lattes, i am able to sit inside the cafes and study whatever i have to look at. The environment is very inviting and it is not absolutely too quiet that i can hear a pin fall on the ground. One cafe in particular that i visit a lot these days is Cafe Stradda. The coffee there is realllly good and so are the pastries! what is better than enjoying a cup of coffee and pastries any time of the day right? Anyways, i really like the environment because people are around me and the noise level is not unbearable. In fact, when there are a lot of noises like that, i am able to zone it out and to concentrate on what i need to look it...weird, but true. Stradda also has good amount of light that shines through the doors and windows so that i do not have to strain my eyes out trying to read. The tables are also big enough so that i can lay down whatever i have. Sitting outside is also fun because they have those heater lamps thingy that keeps you warm. You can also look at the people walk pass you as you sit and study. The people are super nice too..hehe i go there so much now that i do not even have to say anything and they know i want a cup of soy latte! =D this may sound like i am advertising stradda...which i hope i am not, but definitely im trying to suggest studying or just sitting and relaxing in a cafe. find one that you like, stick to it and see how it affects you. if you are not a cafe person, there are many other study places/option to choose from. find one that you like, and study away! =)

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17 September 2007

1st year of college!

my very first classes at berkeley were the typical premed required class such as Chem 1A and Math 16A along with Music 26AC and NST 10. I was still undeclared then but already had in mind Nutritional Sciences as my major. Initially, I had no idea how college will be like or how the work load will be like. I still had senioritis from high school and since i was taking chem and calculus, i did not feel any pressure to study much since i took them before in high school. That was a big mistake since college chem, for some reason, differed from the chem class i took in high school. One thing i really liked about my first semester was that i got rid of my AC requirement so that i did not have to worry or think about it throughout the year. It is a good thing to finish the AC and english requirements early then to postpone them for later college years. Because my first semester load was not too intense, i was able to try out new things, meet new people, and join a variety of clubs. One of the clubs i remembered participating in was AMSA, which is a premedical club at berkeley. I was able to meet a lot of other premed students whom i can talk to about various things and ask for advice. One thing i remembered enjoying most during my first year at berkeley was having meal points and living in the dorms. I lived in Foothill, which was more suitelike than dormlike. It was very quiet and i only had 7 other housemates. We all got together very well and had a lot of fun. Meal points were very very convenient because whenever i wanted something, all i had to do was swipe from my id card =). I also enjoyed DC hopping with friends to try and experience different DC's food and atmosphere. Too bad they didnt have as many choices to swipe with than now.. Anyways, things that i might change during my first berkeley encounters....I think i would have explored more clubs since i had a lot of free time. I would have also like to meet more people. Living in a suite in Foothill did not really allow me to meet a lot of people since it was small and compact. I felt that if i had lived in the regular dorms like Unit 1 or 2, i would have meet more people on my floor and in the entire building. It is great knowing more people and having more people to talk to and hang out with. but overall, my first year at berkeley was quite alright. It did not make me love berkeley yet....i didnt start to love berkeley until my 3rd year here....WHY?? hmmm i guess berkeley just grows on you. I guess the environment and atmosphere eventually hits you and make you fall in love with it. One major pro is the ethnicity and different restaurants berkeley has to offer! =)

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02 May 2007

YAY summer!!

ffffiiinnnnaaallllyyy!!! this year actually passed by pretty quickly! but yay to summer!! the warm warm weather, doing nothin, relax, eat, sleep! cant wait till summer!! this summer, i will be taking summer school at berkeley again, but instead of those hard core science classes i need to take to graduate or for my major, ill be taking a fun fun language class-korean! i cant wait to take that class because im super duper interested in korean culture and i have actually been "trying" to learn the language on my own. unfortunately, it is going nowhere because of my inconsistency in studying the language and my busy schedule. That will take up most of my time since its M-F 9-12 (i think). besides that, im also trying or planning to get a part time job..hopefully being a waitress or something of that kind! i always wanted to try to become a waitress so hopefully berkeley restaurants will hire me! aside from school and work, ill definitely enjoy myself and hang out with family and friends! eat out a lot and experience berkeley more since it will be my last year next year! i cant believe that i will be a snr soon! time really flies! i think im just beginning to enjoy berkeley too and meeting a lot of fun cool people! so sad! but yes, go out, enjoy the weather and events around your area, have fun because you certainly worked hard this year!!! =D

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27 April 2007

Berkeley is the place to be =D

Berkeley is a greeeaaat place!! I must admit that before coming here, i really disliked Berkeley..the college and the city! If you ask me why, i have no clue! but if you ask me whether i like Berkeley now or not, i would say YES!! I LOVE BERKELEY! its great that i chose to come here (or should i say my family forced me to come here). There is just soooo much going on at Berkeley and there is soooo much to do! One can be kept busy everyday! The food and restaurant is GREAT here with sooooo many unique choices!! i love restaurant hopping so Berkeley is just the right place for me =D I also live in SF so going to/from home is very very convenient..might i add a bit tooooo convenient =P but i like it, im able to go home every week and spend time with my mom and enjoy the amazing food SF has to offer! theres toooo much to explore around Berkeley and i just hope that by the time i graduate, i have explored most of them =D

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18 April 2007


So what should my major be in CNR? There are sooo many to choose from!! I will say, pick the one that most intrigues you-the ones that you think you will enjoy and learn a lot from instead of having burdens of taking specific class requirements,etc. You should have a fun fun time in all your classes and feel that studying is a priviledge. You should not be too stressed about your major after determining one and enjoy every aspect of it. What is my major and why did i choose it? Im a nutrisci-physiology and metabolism major and the reason i chose it was because im just absolutely fascinated and excited when it comes to talking about food and nutrition and body. I love all the classes im taking and enjoy everything that I am learning! It is very interested and fun! A funny story actually made me decide to major in nutrisci instead of other pre-med majors like MCB: one day i was watching TV and a couple of food scientists for Baskin Robbins were trying to come up with new flavors in the food lab. That became a dream job because not only do i get to come up with cool flavors, i will get to taste and critique it afterwards! Also, because of my love for food and how it affects the body really makes me talk all day. so yeah, if you have any questions on nutrisci majors..esp physiology and metabolism, im surely here to try my best to help! =D

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13 April 2007

other stuff besides academics...

Extracurricular activities? What else do I do besides going to and from class, studying, eating, and talking to friends and family? Im in several clubs at UCB one of which is AMSA (American Medical Student Association). I have been in AMSA for 3 years now and has been Issues Chair for 2 years. Being Issues Chair is pretty fun except it requires a loooooot of work! I prepare for AMSA's annual Health Career Fair by inviting guests of different professions in the health field (ie, doctors, podiatrist, dentists, vets, optometrists, researcher, etc, etc). I also try to dig up current issues people are interested in and have a event/meeting where i invite a guest speaker to discuss about that issue. Besides AMSA, Im also in the wonderful CNR PAL program where i get to learn a whole lot more than i already know about CNR! It has been a really great experience and i really enjoy working with the people in it =) I dont know if calling "research" extracurricular but i have been doing research for Dr. Nancy Amy for while. Unfortunately we didnt get to work on a particular special project but im hoping that i will be able to next year =) but yeah, i may have a few more extracurricular activities i do up my sleeve, if you want to know more about anything, just talk to me =D

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06 April 2007


Being in CNR for the past 3 years was an amazing experience! classes are fun, teachers are awesome, people are great! how did i get into CNR? Honestly, when applying to college, i didnt even know which box i marked for application. After receiving my acceptance did i find out that i was accepted to CNR as undeclared. I sort of knew then that i was interested in nutrition and food so i just stuck with it and now im loving it! im glad i marked CNR unknowingly when filling out my apps =D must be fate that put me in CNR and allowing me to enjoy my time here!! I really like how CNR is a small knitted college that encourages faculty/student interaction and gives help to their students at an amazing rate and speed! CNR IS JUST AWESOME!!!!! any questions? ask me =D

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21 March 2007

Spring break fun!!

SPRING BREAK!!! time to relax, catch up on sleep, and catch up on some fun!!! School has been very stressful and the work load is just unbearable! a week at home with family and friends is exactly what i need! even though i do go home often since i live in SF, having the whole week at home is just great! I certainly will try to sleep in, watch a lot of tv, hang out with friends and family, eat out, and just relax. Clear my mind of school for a while! of course i still have some course work to do, but spending a little time on each a day of my break will surely be enough time! i cant wait!!!!! i really need the break to just sit and think! hehe hope everyone has a greaaaat spring break! be productive, have lots of fun, and be safe! =D

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14 March 2007

midterms midterms midterms!

So its midterms round #2! most of you might be bummed out from the 1st rounds of midterm but don't let that affect your work on the 2nd rounds of midterm! try to relax by doing a few of your favorite things. Study a little ahead of time so by the time midterms are here again, you wouldnt have to pull those all nighters and stay up waay late! procrastination is not the key because your body will just suffer from lack of sleep, stress, and abnormal eating habits! of course from a nutrition and health standard those are all bad! hehe thus, keep up with your notes and work and make sure to ask questions whenever you spot something you are unclear of. If studying with small groups help, make sure to gather up with friends or join a study group so that you can learn and catch up on material learned in class! Make sure to get a lot of sleep prior to the midterm and set your alarm to wake up in time to get ready and go to class so that you are not rushing the whole time. and most importantly, eat breakfast so that glucose goes to your brain for good functioning =) breakfast is good and healthy so dont skip breakfast!! before the midterm, you can even snack on some chocolate to give you that extra boost! =) i, personally, love to eat chocolate before exams...its an excuse for me to indulge on chocolate guiltfree =P

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08 March 2007

fun things...

Studying, school, and other problems may be tooooo much to handle! Remember to take breaks and relax yourself! dont overwork yourself to the point where you can just shatter if someone gently pokes you. One of my favorite activites is eating out with friends! i love trying new food, trying new restaurants, and having looong chits and chats with buddies. It is a great way to bond and socialize. I really like korean food so we usually stop by a korean restaurant. I actually dont think i have any food items that i dont like! im just that versatile =) other than eating and food, i also listening to a lot of music...i really like Chinese and Korean songs and also random songs on the radio. Im not really sure of the names or the radio station i listen to because the radio is just there in the bathroom of the dorm in live in =D i recently also developed a habit of napping...before i just thought..what is the use? it just gets me more tired..but after napping for a while because of a tired day of classes, it actually keeps me awake and makes me more refreshed...i think im addicted to napping actually! and i recently got addicted to libraries so whenever im free i would just walk to the library, take a walk around it, and come back out! hehe studying with friends is also fun. whenever bored, i know that there is someone there i can talk to and when i have to study, i know that theres someone there to motivate me! my list goes on and on, but the most important thing is to find what fun things work for you, stick with it, and relax and soothe yourself!

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05 February 2007

most memorbale class...

so far, after finishing all the science prereqs for med school and taking some lower and upper div nutritional sciences classes for my nutrisci-physiology/metabolism major, i must say that NST 106 was a blast! I took it last semester, fall 06, with Dr. DeLumen. He certainly is a very nice and friendly guy; too bad i didnt go to office hours or talked to him more. Other than that, i must admit that i learned a lot of stuff in that class pertaining to everyday food choices and eating. I met a lot of cool people and really had a lot of fun. I was never bitter or tired whenever i needed to study for that class because the info was really interesting and fun. I really recommend this class because its not just something you have to learn; it is a fun, relaxing class in which you get to learn a lot of stuff without the stress. How nice! =D i hope i can take that class again! i really miss it!!!

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