PAL Photo Gallery
Spring 2007 PAL Social
Level 3
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Irene Liao
Genetics and Plant Biology major
Samantha Bell
Microbial Biology major
Jena Riggert
Forestry and Natural Resources major
Dale Dualan
Conservation Resource Studies major
Stephen Kwan
Molecular Environmental Biology major
Kay Jiaqi Yang
Nutritional Sciences - Dietetics major
Tiet Nguyen
Microbial Biology major
Selina Chou
Nutritional Science - Dietetics major
Jenn Jehnsen
Environmental Sciences major
Wendy Chen
Environmental Sciences major
Jessica LeBeau
Environmental Sciences major

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CNR PALs taking care of the logistics of the meeting. Talking about upcoming events and ways to better serve the CNR student body. Alex and Simo getting ready to begin the festivities.
Jenn Q, Linda, and Crystal strategizing the cleanup. Gina, Donna, and Whitney starting to execute the cleanup. Amy and Jenn Q so excited about being able to bond with the old and new PALs.
Everyone pitching in to help clean up, doesn't Whitney look excited?! The PALs finishing up after a great meeting, where we accomplished a lot and were able to bond as a group! The food was so yummy.
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