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09 November 2011

Ah, the Thrill of the RSF

I'm not sure if you're taking advantage of the RSF (Recreational Sports Facility), but I find myself there more often in this post- and pre-traumatic age of life between exams. Running on the track was great last week with all that sunshine, and I could hear the stationary bikes calling my name on the rainy days. But just wait. What I obsess over at the RSF are the classes. They're so great!! I don't know what it is about them, but going to the group exercise classes gives me such a better workout than if I had just done my own thing. Seriously!! Pilates is awesome anytime, and cardio kickboxing is a crazy way to end the day. And the toning express? My goodness is it intense. I'll confess that I've only been to the toning express class once; that was enough for a while. And, you know, if I were blessed with those elusive things called coordination and rhythm, I would attend more of the dance classes (sadly, my attempts at the dancing mostly just elicit giggles from my neighbors). You know what? Here!! Take the link and be happy: Maybe it was the protein powder in my smoothie, but suddenly I feel an RSF urge. Maybe some mellow elliptical while I read a novel? Sounds excellent. See you there!!

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27 September 2011


Midterms already!?!? I can't believe how fast this semester is going by. It's craziness!! If your professors are like mine, then you've already started midterm season. That's right: the dreaded time when you regret your procrastination and value sleep over showers. But don't let it get you down! There are some great, low-stress ways to get your study time in without pulling all-nighters. So just take a breath and let me tell you about a bunch of different, awesome study spots on or near campus. 1.) First Floor Moffitt This is a great place for group studying, as you can talk at normal volumes, so you don't have to feel guilty if you keep asking your comrades about the upcoming exam or how they feel about the topics. Go ahead and talk away! While this feature makes Moffitt an awesome place for casual studying, it isn't the best if you really need to hunker down and get to work. If you're easily distracted, this might not be the most effective location to study at. 2.) Any Vacant Room! I didn't know this until my sophomore year, but you can commandeer any unused room you find! Wheeler is a great place for this because of its central location and lovely views, but Dwinelle can be just as good. This is a superb way to study between classes when you need a little bit of privacy. However, the downside is that you could be kicked out at any time if someone else has scheduled that room, so just be aware that you're living on the edge a little bit. I like to think that it adds a little element of thrill to your work. 3.) Main Stacks Study Rooms This is for some serious, hard-core studying either alone or in groups. These are also my favorite study spots. You schedule a room all to yourself by following a bunch of links on the Berkeley website (or by following this: and clicking on the "reserve rooms" link on the left (once you agree to the terms). The rooms are extremely private and even come with blackboards and chalk! Another feature of the reservation site is that it displays the airbears signal in each room, so you know before you commit to a place what kind of internet connection you'll have. I should also mention that there is NO cell phone service down there, which is actually a benefit if you want to avoid distractions in the form of people texting you. I absolutely ADORE these and encourage everyone to take advantage of them. 4.) Cafes and Coffee Shops Depending on the person, these are amazing. You can eat, get your caffeine fix, and have your laptop out all at once! You could have a problem concentrating, though, so I wouldn't recommend these for intense memorization or essay-writing. When it comes to midterms, we all go through the same thing. Whether or not it's on this list, go find your 'happy place' and try not to leave everything for the night before. Oh! And exercise breaks are actually a really great way to de-stress during the wonderful season of midterms. So go forth and show those exams who's boss! Good luck!!

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