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05 April 2011

Exploring Majors in CNR: Workshop on April 6, 2011

Confused about what major to choose? Want to hear about other bio majors besides Integrative Biology and MCB? Then the Peer Advisors have just the thing for you! In fact tomorrow, Wednesday April 6th from 12-1 pm at 260 Mulford we are having a major workshop! We will have peers from all the different majors in CNR come by and facilitate a workshop where we tell you why we chose our major, what is so awesome about our major and the classes you can take to explore the different majors. I know when I was an underclassman, all the information about majors stem from what I read online or what other fellow underclassman have told me. It was hard to find people who were not IB or MCB to talk to about their choices but now here is the chance for you! The workshop will give you a chance to talk to people who have declared their majors already and are in the process of taking upper division courses to see if the major you were pondering about is right for you! We are here to answer any and all questions that you have on the major, whether it is difficulty in getting classes, time available to study abroad or minor or just what we think of the major in general. Feel free to drop by at anytime around 12-1 tomorrow, or if you cant come then shoot us an email or drop by our office hours! Hope to see you there!

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29 January 2011

Getting involved: Sustainability Forum

Welcome back from break everyone! Its a whole new semester, a fresh start for classes, and campus activities in general. For those of you looking to fulfill your New Years resolution about being more involved on campus, I have just the thing. This upcoming week, on February 2nd from 7-9pm at 159 Mulford is the Sustainability forum at Berkeley. At the forum, all the different clubs on campus that has something to do with sustainability will be presenting the type of work they do and announcing opportunities to get involved! This is a great place to go and see just the overwhelming number of opportunities available for students just like you to get involved in making our campus and community healthier and more sustainable. Representatives from clubs such as ReUSE, the Steam (sustainability team of the ASUC) team, SEEDs, Greening the Greeks, Foresty club etc will be there, so it would be a great place to network and maybe find something you are interested in. I mean just last year I found out about ReUSE on campus and got involved in their organization. If you are even just a little bit interested in sustainability, just come and check it out. There are such a wide variety of clubs presenting that who knows, you might be able to find the club for your passion. More information can be found on, the facebook page link has the list of all the clubs! I hope to see you all there :]

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16 November 2010

Telebear Troubles!

Hello everyone! Phase two of telebears has begun and everyone is scrambling to get the classes that they want/need for next semester! But what happens if a class that you wanted is full? What to do? Don’t fret! This unexpected set back can give you the opportunity to take that random class that you’ve been eyeing but were hesitating to take because you would prefer to do a major requirement. Feel free to explore departments that are not your major departments, take some humanities or just a random interesting science course. Some courses suggestions from my experience are: EPS 80, Nutritional science 10, Slavic literature, or a course on Greek Myths (I really liked this one!). There are tons of classes at Berkeley, and a lot of recommendations out there as well. Just talk to other students or maybe try looking at the student resource handbook at this link for some courses recommended by other students! Not all classes are offered in the spring but hey you might find something you weren’t expecting. :]

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