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26 April 2010

Almost time for summer!!!

I don't know about you guys but I am excited for summer!!! I am sick of the continuous rain for the past three month. During the summer Berkeley definitely have better weather. I have have about a month off before coming back to berkeley to take some summer classes. I am currently looking to move into a new apartment and I KNOW that freshmen at this time is wondering what to do about housing. I would say its best to start looking now!! It was pretty hectic for me after I moved out of the dorms...I did not know where to start. Popular places to live is right by the units. You guys might not notice but there are a lot of apartments on College. A lot of apartment buildings are located right behind unit 2. Or some people who like it more quiet they move to the north side. I do not suggest living on Shattuck if you are a science major because it will take a lot of time to walk up to the science buildings. People have also been asking me how are the classes in the summer compared to the classes during the school year. I would say that for science classes they are actually not easier. This is because they cram a lot of materials in a very short amount of time and you will have a midterm every two weeks which is very stressful for classes like organic chemistry. I took chem3B over the summer because somebody suggested to me and it was hard....yes there was slightly less materials to learn and we only had to concentrate on one class instead of three or four but it was very intense and the lab exam was the day before the final for the lecture. I did not think it was easier than o chem in the school year. But I guess it really depends what classes you take. I did here that Reading and composition classes are easier over the summer, you just concentrate in writing essays and proof reading them and a lot of editing, it's easier to concentrate in one writing class during the summer instead of taking three to four classes and writing essays on top of organic chemistry finals. How I try to relax during the stressful months of summer school is that I like to study at different coffee shops. The background noise calms me down so I feel like I am not the only one working hard on a hot summer day. My favorite places are the FSM, cafe milano, and cafe strada. I hope everyone do well on their finals!

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11 March 2010

Midterm Lockdown & how to relieve stress

It's midterm season AGAIN. I feel like no matter how many semesters I've been at Cal, life STILL gets hectic around midterm season. Well this semester I decided to change my studying habits a little bit. I wake up around 9 am to study or go to class and then study in between classes. During lunch time I make sure I have a lot of fun and eat out with random friends. Before I use to just have a quick lunch such as grab a sandwich near by and go back to studying again. The new way actually makes me enjoy studying more because I feel more relaxed when I am not studying. It sounds ironic but I really suggest that everyone try it.

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17 February 2010

Planning for the semester

It's the fifth week of school already! Time passes by sooo fast every semester, just a reminder to everyone that this Friday is the LAST day to drop your classes! I recently dropped a class because I replanned my schedule and realized that I didn't need it to graduate. So I definitely highly suggest people to write out their schedules and MAKE sure to take the right classes and drop the ones that is not necessary or at the least interesting BEFORE this friday. This is one thing that i learned that can make or break your semester. Because taking a class that is not required OR interesting can really drag a good semester down. Also summer telebears have already opened up. The schedule is up online and I highly suggest you guys to sign up for summer classes NOW if you are planning to take them because they are filling up fast. I recently signed up for a R&C class, and due to the new rules of R&C requirements...freshmen and sophomores should have both parts of their R&C requirements completed before declaring their majors. Many things are different now from when I was a freshmen, so just giving you guys a heads up on what is going on!

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25 October 2009

My personal way of how to stay on track

Telebears is here once again, I don't know about you guys but I am frantically trying to plan my classes not just for next semester but also for the two after that. Due to budget cuts, many classes are not offered anymore but its important to have back up classes to take just in case. When I was a freshmen I planned out my four year plan to make sure that I can graduate within the four years. The funny thing is every semester by '4 year plan' looks a little different from before.

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10 September 2009

Getting into Classes and how to deal with being wait-listed

School has officially started! I hope everyone got into all the classes that they wanted this semester and even if you have not, do not panic. Just send the professor a friendly email and tell them why you want to take their class and they will try their best to move you up on the wait list.

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