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24 September 2011

Campus Resources: The Music Library

In the spirit of sharing a complete and honest experience for your benefit, I will reluctantly admit that I got lost in Mainstacks. For those of you who are unaware, Mainstacks is the underground library. In its defense, itís a great place to study, mainly because itís as quiet as a tomb (pun completely intended). Needless to say, I have a great preference for libraries with an abundance of natural sunlight, wide open windows, and a spacious room with which to capture it all in. Therefore, the Music Library has quickly become one of my favorite haunts. Natural sunlight aside, which it turns out of is very conducive to studying, the Music library has many other perks. One of them, perhaps the most important is low density. Might I add, there are TWO floors AND the lower floor also has floor length windows. Iím not entirely sure as to why it seems to be deserted half the time, but I feel no reason to complain since it means I get to sit at my favorite spot! Up a floor from the entrance and down a hallway sits a very plain black chair. The importance of said chair, is that itís the best place to sit to gain perspective. After long hours of poring over books, equations, and concepts itís easy to feel completely drained and out of sync with the outside world. Hence, the chair. Sit, breathe, re-center yourself.

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Campus Resources: The Music Library

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