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20 April 2011

Lets have a chit chat!

It can get quite lonesome at the peer advising table sometimes, so next time you're about to enter or leave 260 Muldford and have a few minutes, stop by and say "Hi." We don't have to talk about school-related topics, there are so many other things to talk about. For example, have you gone to Cinnaholic yet? It's that cute little vegan bake shop on Oxford St. near Center St...If you haven't, then you should definitely try them, they're delicious (and don't forget to show your student id for a discount!). You guessed it, I'm a total food junkie! I'm on the hunt for a good falafal place, so if you know of one, please stop by my advising hours on Thursdays from 1-3 and let me know.

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23 March 2011

Spring break is a BREAK, but thinking about Telebears is important!

I can't believe we're already half-way done with spring break, time really does fly! I hope everyone has taken some time to themselves to relax and have fun, I sure know I have (I went to Disneyland yesterday and I'm pooped!) As Bai said in the last Pals post, it is important to have fun, but also be productive. Realistically, most of us plan to do more school work than we actually do, but beginning to think about Telebears is something that we can all do. If there's one thing you're going to do this Spring Break, I would suggest taking 3 minutes out of your day to make an appointment with your major advisor in order to receive an advisor code. Everyone should have received an e-mail from their major advisors with a direct link to make an appointment (I received the e-mail on March 16th, hopefully this makes it easier when looking through your e-mails). Some other important things to keep in mind about Telebears:

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24 February 2011

Start midterms with a healthy you!

It's no surprise to anyone at Cal that midterms=stress=no life outside of studying. As hard as it may sound, it's also a time to be a little selfish because doing well in your classes depends on you! Everyone is different, but if you can find something that works for you, stick with it. A good way to help your body stay healthy is to eat bright colors (fruits and veggies). If you're anything like me...I'm not very fond of veggies, but there are also many out there that I've never tried. For the past month I have been picking a new vegetable at the grocery store every week and trying it out. So try to be adventurous with what you're putting into your body and who knows...maybe you'll have a new favorite veggie. If you're not into trying new foods, try going to a new group/class workout at the rsf. You don't have to commit to an entire hour at the rsf if you don't want to; they also offer 30minute classes or you can check out a volleyball or basketball or racquetball court.

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25 October 2010

Phase 1 Telebears

Of the many things that can be stressful at Cal, telebears should definitely not be one of them. It is important to make an appointment with your major advisor as early as possible so that you can get your advisor code and have a clear idea about the classes you are planning to take for the incoming semester. Also, make sure you have a back-up plan because although you may be prepared in having your advisor code and the classes you need to take, unexpected things can happen. One day the class can have open seats and two hours later a class can be full. Trust me, this is extremely frustrating; I was usually the one who seemed to have a really late phase 1 appointment, but I always had alternatives. From past experiences here are some classes that I would recommend signing up for during phase 1:

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25 September 2010

Midterm season is here!

Midterm season has rushed here once again! This time of the school year isn't very fun for any of us, but like all things in life, we have to get through them and do the best that we can. Here are some top tips that I like to use around midterm time that have helped me better prepare myself for exams: 1. Do practice tests: This really helped me with nearly all the pre-requisite science and math courses (Chem 1A, Organic Chem, Physics, Biology, Math), I still utilize it today. Try checking out the website for "Tau Beta Pi." This is my go-to website when I need practice tests; simply google "tau beta pi berkeley" and its the first link. Also, if you're a first or second year I would try to apply to the Biology Scholars Program (BSP). They offer amazing resources such as tutoring, study groups, and an amazing test bank. If you have a mitderm around the corner, go to the Student Learning Center(SLC) in the Cesar Chavez building. They offer drop-in tutoring, study groups, and very helpful mock exams. Even if you don't utilize the SLC on a regular basis, go to the mock exams! Check out their website for information about place and time for the mock exams. 2. Make an office hour appointment with your GSI or professor outside of their normal office hours: I wish I would have practiced this my first two years at Cal. Sometimes going to office hours can be like waiting in line at the DMV, whether it is with your professor or GSI, so if you want one-on-one time, this is a great option. GSI's really want to help us do well, I have never encountered one that has refused to meet with me outside of their regular office hours. 3. Take Breaks: Studying for 5 hours straight is not as efficient as if you were studying in increments of 2.5hours with a 10-20minute break in between. Go ahead, watch a funny youtube video or stand up and walk around for a bit, get a fresh breath of air, or call a friend. After taking a break from studying, I feel re-energized to hit-the-books again, making my studying more efficient. Right before exams, try to be calm and relax, eat a banana or an apple, and talk to anyone that makes you happy. You're a smart individual, just be positive and don't second guess yourself!

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