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09 March 2011

Spring Grdauation and Commencement Ceremony

Peer Advisor receive a lot of questions regarding graduation during office hours so I've decided to write a short post about Graduation and commencement ceremony details.

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09 February 2011

Events on Campus

One of the great aspects of attending Berkeley is the amazing opportunity to participate in the plethora of events, seminars, and festivities available to students. Take a break from the pure academic setting and avail yourselves of of all the great resources this campus has to offer! Here are a list of interesting events that are happening on campus this month: a) Individual Resume Critiques* 260 Mulford Hall, Student Resource Center (sign-up at front desk) Feb 14-17, 20 minute appointments Bring your resume and get feedback before the upcoming career fairs! a) UC Berkeley Marks 50 Years of Peace Corps: In 1961, President John F. Kennedy called on Americans to give two years of their lives in service to others as Peace Corps volunteers. UC Berkeley students answered. In 50 years, more than 3,400 alumni of UC Berkeley have served overseas, ranking the campus #1 in the nation for producing Peace Corps volunteers. On the Peace Corps' 50th anniversary, Cal reflects on this legacy of international service and renews the call for the next generation of Peace Corps volunteers. Visit to learn more about the Peace Corps 50th Anniversary Symposium and Celebration on Saturday, February 26, register for events, and mark your place in Berkeley - Peace Corps history. b) Seventh Annual Environmental Justice Symposium Students for Economic and Environmental Justice (SEEJ) is planning and hosting Berkeley Law’s 2011 Environmental Justice Symposium, “Hungry for Justice: Growing an Equitable Food System.” In four unique lunch events, from Monday, February 14 through Thursday, February 17, panels of visionary lawyers, practitioners, and activists will discuss international trade policy and the global food market, hunger as a social ill, low-income communities’ access to healthful food, and industrial farming and farm workers’ rights. Each speaker will draw clear connections between her discussion topic, the environmental justice movement, and the roles that lawyers and policymakers can play in these arenas. c) Microfinance for Student Loans: Giving Youth a Little Credit Silicon Valley Microfinance Network Speaker Event: Thursday, February 24th at Blum Hall on the UC Berkeley campus featuring Kushal Chakrabarti (Co-Founder & CEO, Vittana), Michelle Kreger (Regional Director for Francophone Africa and the Middle East, Kiva) and Noga Leviner (General Manager, Lumni), as they discuss the challenges, successes and future landscape of the new frontier of harnessing microfinance for students loans, both in the US and abroad. Industry leaders are leveraging debt and equity-like investments as well as P2P lending models to provide youth (both in the US and abroad) with the tools necessary to pursue higher education. As a result, the student-loan market has experienced explosive growth. SVMN is proud to present this unique opportunity to hear the nation's leaders talk about the rise of using microloans for education and answer your questions. We look forward to seeing you there! For more information and to register: Register early! Online registration closes the day of the event. At-the-door admission is $10 more. Tickets are limited!

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23 November 2010

how to make use of winter break

Hi Everyone, I hope everyone is well and doing something relaxing if not necessarily fun for thanksgiving :) I just wanted to share a few resources with you on how to best utilize your winter break. Last week CNR hosted a workshop titled "Involvement opportunities for winter and spring break" and I found it really useful. I know from personal experience that many students want to engage in activities during breaks but don't necessarily know where to look for opportunities. Well, this is a great post to check out if you are one of those students :) I want to specially thank Elodie right here since she was kind enough to compile a lot of the talking points in writing. Much thanks Elodie :)

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21 September 2010

Classes have begun

Fall '10 has begun and I hope everyone was able to enroll in their desired classes. If you didn't get a class of your choice, please drop by 260 Mulford to get advice from your major adviser on a substitute course. Just a friendly reminder that Sept 24 is the last day to add courses with a $5 fee and drop courses with a $10 fee. Classes added/dropped after this deadline will need the Dean's approval.

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28 February 2010

Why I chose to become a PAL

I heard about the PAL program last fall after my switch to CNR. I immediately decided to become a PAL because I thought that this program will expand my network here at Cal and will also help reinforce my leadership capabilities. This is only my first semester in the program and I already feel so much more involved with the college community than I’ve ever been. As a PAL, I get to participate in events at which I represent the college and also work closely with the staff to help expand the college's diversity by promoting awareness about the unique opportunities at CNR. The PAL program also organizes a movie night each semester which is a whole lot of fun because you mostly to relax and have fun with the other wonderful peers. Did I mention the free pizzas and drinks?? Overall, being a PAL is a great experience because everyone in the program is friendly and enthusiastic. PAL has allowed me to find great friends within the program for which I’ll be forever grateful. If you are interested in being a PAL for the upcoming semester or have any questions about the program, feel free to come talk to any of the PALs during advising hours!

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07 February 2010

CNR resources

I switched to CNR from L&S during the second semester of my sophomore year and my decision to change college was heavily influenced by the supportive network within CNR. My major (EEP) is offered in both colleges and I was aware that the curriculum won’t be any different from each other. I might have felt indifferent towards my options had I not discovered the smaller departments and personable attributes of the CNR community from my super helpful department advisor. In my brief semester as a CNR student, I have started to realize how truly I appreciate being part of a smaller college atmosphere within such a large university. CNR has so much to offer and tries its best to accommodate every student’s needs. I assure that you’ll agree with me if you visit the CNR resource center at least once during your academic career. The resource center has listings for jobs, internships, research opportunities, current events etc within and beyond the college itself. It’s also a great study place on campus that has a lounge area, study tables and desks for different purposes. I haven’t even mentioned one of the prime benefits of being a CNR student- 10 free pages a day for any printing work done at the resource center. Do you know of any other colleges that provide free printing services as a reward to their students? I sure don’t. I hope that the last bit has convinced you enough to give the resource center a try and be pleasantly surprised by discovering the other great services it has to offer!

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