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14 October 2008

"I have my telebears appt. time, now what?"

In this entry, I am not going to give advice on WHAT classes you should take for specific majors (because really, you can talk to your advisor, or come to the peer advisor office hours for that, so we can individualize it for you..), BUT I am going to talk about tips and techniques to get around the rush of telebears and how to avoid being waitlisted!! I would advise that you decide on the majority of your classes before the start of telebears, and then so you can decide within that bunch which classes to sign up for first.

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15 March 2008

What to do in Berkeley?

There are so many events and things to do around Berkeley, that I could be writing pages and pages before I am finished writing about everything there is to do. Instead, I will just point you in the right direction by giving you websites or other information so that you can find what is suitable to your own interests. The events around Berkeley range from art shows, to concerts, to comedy shows, to movie screenings, and much more.

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20 November 2007

What I am thankful for in CNR...

Since its almost thanksgiving, I thought I would make this blog about what I am thankful for in CNR. After three years in CNR, I have found that it definitely is a "home away from home." However, when applying, I initially did not know I was applying to CNR, so this has been an awesome "mistake" (to say the least). On the application, I checked the box for the first biology major I saw not realizing that genetics and plant biology was in the college of natural resources. I have to say that yes, at first I was a little upset about getting into CNR (everyone told me it was the "hippie college"). My mindset changed when I sat in my first CNR class at Berkeley and had my first appointment with my major counselors. I realized how much CNR has to offer, both small college atmosphere within a large university of resources. It began to grow on me of how much I loved be a part of one of the smallest colleges at UC Berkeley. When I needed help, I would just walk into the advisors office and ask for some help (without even having to make an appointment). The personal attention here at CNR is definitely what has helped me plan my program with plenty of time for my extracurricular activities.

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26 September 2007

Is it time for exams already?

It seems like school has just started and exams are already in progress? Wow, time sure flies when you are in school. Many of you have probably already had your first exam (yes I like to call them exams because since when are there more than 1 middle of the semester?) Or maybe you have your first exam next week like I do. But regardless, you are probably wondering how do I study now that I have just transitioned from a fun summer to actually sitting down and studying for exams?

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19 April 2007

One or two majors out of... hundreds?

How do you pick just one or two majors? When first coming to college, it may seem very overwhelming since at UC Berkeley there are hundreds of different majors, so one may feel as if they don't know where to start. However, I believe that the most important part about picking a major is chosing something that you have an interest in. Do not chose something because your parents, your boyfriends, or your family want you to do. Do something that YOU want to do. I know, this may sound trite and obvious, but you know, there are pressures out there from our loved ones telling us that they want us to do this, but really, who are you living for? You are living for you and only you.

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19 April 2007

Other than Academics...

So I know a lot of us come to Berkeley thinking solely about doing well in academics and not doing any other extracurricular acitivities. However, if all of us did that, wouldn't our lives be boring, just studying and doing nothing else to look forward to? So like many Berkeley students, I found that a balance between extracurriculars and academics is great, not only for our social skills, but also for our own sake with regards to not living a boring college career. So what are the extracurriculars I do for my sanity and for my improving my social skills?

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19 April 2007

why CNR?

So, this may sound like a pathetic story of "why CNR" but here it goes. So when applying for Berkeley and filling out the application, I checked on Genetics and Plant Biology, not knowing that it was either in CNR, or that it was different from the MCB major with an emphasis on genetics. So after attending CalSO on June 6-7, I realized that genetics and plant biology was mainly about plants (I know.. it seems pretty obvious from the title of the major..but I was a stupid senior maybe?) and that it was in the college of natural resources. I wasn't really sure what to think about being accepted to the college of natural resources. I actually wasn't even aware that there was more than one college in all of UC Berkeley. So when I got into a different college than L&S, I wasn't sure how to feel. So what did I do?

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22 March 2007

Spring break= study time?

I think this is the first time where when Spring Break comes around, all I am feeling is the "blahs." Maybe its because I have some pretty harsh professors, where I get a midterm at 8am the Monday we get back from Spring Break. Or maybe its because I got assigned a take-home midterm that is due the week after spring break? Ya those are probably it. I feel as if I have soooo much studying to do, that my professors are like, wow, look at how much time you will have during spring break to do our work! Ugh. Instead, one of my professors put it best, that the reason for spring break IS to party (and relax). As a side note, that professor is the only one who tells us NOT to do studying over spring break.

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15 March 2007

These are a few of my favorite things...

So immediately after starting to think about what are my favorite things, I broke out into the song "My Favorite Things" from "The Sound of Music." So I think I will start off by writing my own version of that song, so here it goes (and just to let you know by no means will I sing this for you if you come to my office hours..) : sound%20of%20music%20picture.jpg

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05 March 2007

Some Very Influential People in my Life

There is not one specific person that has most influenced me, but instead I have been influenced by a few different people’s qualities that each may possess. All these people have been the people have most influenced me both as a child and now as a young adult. My parents have influenced me the most, while there are others who have also put a great impact on my life. Similar to most people, my parents have influenced me greatly. Both my mom and dad have taught me to always be myself, and have taught me to speak my mind. They also taught me that it is important to do your best, and only compare yourself to you, not anyone else. Even though this advice may be difficult at Berkeley because of the constantly curved classes where you are forced to compare yourself to others, it is still important to compare yourself to you because overall, everyone is different.

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15 February 2007

my favorite classes so far...

Hi there! My favorite classes at Cal so far have been Public Health 116 and ESPM 50ac. Public Health 116 is a seminar on social, political, and ethical issues in health and medicine. ESPM 50AC is an introductory course on natural resource management, and about how different culture groups make use of natural resources in different ways.

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