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November 28, 2007

Honor: Why you should not enroll in 19 units and work three jobs.

The opportunities made available to me at UC Berkeley are beyond my wildest dreams (although, to be honest, I never dreamt about them ^_^). This May, I got injured and had to stop competing in the martial arts until I healed. Shortly thereafter, I got in a bit of a car accident while on a new scooter (read: don’t get one). While training 24 hours a week, in order to stay on top of my competition in the ring and class, I had to say no to all of those exciting academic and extra-curricular opportunities that pop up. So, once I had healed, I realized I could say YES, YES, YES!

Somehow, this has resulted in me taking 19 units this semester, auditing two additional classes, taking on three jobs, and being involved in numerous other programs. Beyond that, I’m taking the GRE next weekend, applying to four very special graduate programs and interviewing for two full-time jobs that would start next year. Surprisingly, I’ve been able to fulfill my commitments thus far in the semester. Unfortunately, as the semester’s end nears, the cumulative requirements of my involvement seems to be peaking, ACK!

Here is where my blog title, honor, gets involved. Wikipedia has a nice long article on honor. I was taught, however, a more simple definition: the ability to recognize and fulfill my obligations – both to others and oneself. Additionally, my capability to do this is most important when times are at their toughest – it means the most to come through for people when my life is at its hardest. To everyone stressing out – remember this. If we can follow through at our best now, during the semester’s peak, we will surely be ready to handle life under lower levels of stress. This is our time to shine!

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November 3, 2007

Divergent Paths

While I was driving, I was thinking back upon the choices I have made last semester directed the road my life has taken – academically, socially, and in personal matters. With respect to academe, the path of my research interests were decided over my first year as a junior transfer at Cal. I came to Cal to study peak oil, but I had many other interests that could be researched within the discipline of neo-classical economics at ARE (Agricultural and Resource Economics, the department of Environmental Economics and Policy undergrads). Surprisingly, I reminisced during my drive, the largest factor were the classes I decided to enroll in. As Phase II Tele-BEARS appointments are approaching near Thanksgiving, choose carefully!

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October 3, 2007

Study Groups

Gone are the days of one midterm, one final exam, and one grade. Suddenly, classes can have 2-3 midterms in addition to the group presentations, weekly writing assignments, problem sets, as well as elusive and increasingly rare opportunities for extra-credit – everyone’s favorite type of assignment! For most classes, my favorite method is harnessing the power of many: study groups. Interested? Read on…

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