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17 February 2009

Career Fair/Summer Fun!

Lately I have been receiving many career mails regarding lots of events that will be taking place on Berkeley campus, such as the biology career panel next Tuesday and the career fair that will be in MLK on Wednesday 2/18/09 from 12-2pm and I believe on Thursday as well. Hopefully everyone will go out there and explore the different representatives and employees all over the bay area. Remember to bring in resumes and dress formally to the event if you are interested in working for them this summer or next fall :). If not, you can always browse around and get free stuff! hahaha As for me, this summer I am doing summer session at Berkeley to take care some of my breath requirements: I am planning on taking mcb 102 and a foreign language(I am thinking either japanese or spanish). Its definitely a load of work taking summer classes while also working and researching but I am currently seeking a research position at Children's Hospital. I like to get myself involved and engaged in different extracurricular activities because it keeps me busy and going everyday. So I encouraged everyone to do so too!! Look ahead now because summer is only 3 months away and many of our PALs have suggested variety of ways you can get involved. So go out there and gain hands-on experience on whatever you are interested most. Make your summer worthwhile, fun and exciting by researching, attending programs, or simply taking classes to meet new people all over the world who come to Berkeley to take the great and diverse courses that are offer. Lastly, please start thinking about your Telebears appointment because it will be coming sooner than you think! Plan ahead to avoid the traffic mess. Since certain lab classes are limited, think about taking that in the summer if that's possible. Go see your major advisor about the classes that you are thinking of signing up but are unsure of. Or speak to us PALs, we would love to converse with you guys about the different classes that we have already taken. I hope everyone's semester is going well and for those who have upcoming midterms, GOOD LUCK to all.

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29 October 2008


My first midterms were less than three weeks ago and now the second waves of midterms are here!! It's definitely stressful, especially how midterms are back to back without breaks in between to help you re-energized. My strategy is to tackle one at a time, study each one 3-4 hours a day and move on to the next. I don't think cramming is effective if you are taking classes that require you to learn and practice the material before hand. On top of all this craziness, telebears appointment is here to stress us out even more. I barely have time to work on my current classes and now how to worry for next spring!! Time management is essential to survive at CAL. For those who are signing up for bio next spring, the process is different, so visit the integrative biology website and check all the details to make sure nothing goes wrong, eg, exam conflicts and waitlisting, etc. Also, don't wait until the last minute to get your advisor code. Come early, and speak with your advisor and ask any questions before your telebears appointment. If you sign up for a certain class, make sure to have a back-up, especially for core or popular courses that might fill up phase I. Plan your schedule to avoid exam conflicts because once you are in the course, it is very hard to make adjustments, especially in large under division science courses. Good luck studying for midterms!

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