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19 November 2010

A solution to STRESS!

It's about time for phase two of telebears to kick in. Midterms are slowly winding down as finals are creeping up. Your girlfriend/boyfriend is as demanding as ever because they have all the free time in the world and you don't. The lack of sleep and excessive schedule has taken a toll on your work/study job, as you begin to show up late and miss hours. If this is you, ask yourself these questions: 1. Are you so stressed that you can barely study, work, eat? 2. Do you become so anxious during exams that you blank out and can't think clearly? 3. Do you have panic attacks that come on suddenly and out of the blue? If you feel your world is coming to an end, and there's no where/one else to turn to, then click here!

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12 November 2010

Getting your foot in the door with a professor at Cal.

Okay so you're an enthusiastic student at Cal who wants to excel in every part of life. The problem is... So does everyone else. How do you separate yourself from everyone else? WORK SIDE-BY-SIDE WITH A PROFESSOR! Working with a professor can be a personal, professional, and academic highlight of your time in college. Approaching a professor about working together, however, can be as intimidating as it is rewarding. These are 5 simple steps to take before you approach a professor about working together....

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22 September 2010

De-stress for Success!

Stress got you down? So… It’s your first year at Cal and you’ve found that it’s a little more overwhelming than expected. You've had all of less than half a week to move in and get acclimated to campus. Before you could even blink, you were sitting in your first lecture with a sea of hundreds of students just like you. The professor lectured about a subject that either put you to sleep or left you completely befuddled. As steam blows fumes out of your ears from a terrible day, you reminisce of getting lost on campus, shelling out hundreds of dollars on textbooks, and fighting with your new roommate over how much clutter you haven’t unpacked in the room. What do you do now? Mom and dad are long gone, and you’re all alone... right? NO! Relax… you have a PAL!

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22 March 2010

GO TO SLEEP! (Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease :-) )

It's about 10:32 and 30 seconds p.m. You are in the living room laying comfortably with your Snuggie. Of course on the television is the latest popular teenage flick and you are enjoying it thoroughly. As you bite the last morsel of your chocolate chip cookie and drink the last drop of your milk.... You hear footsteps approach you as a shadowy figure appears....

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22 February 2010

Midterm Season!!!!

Midterm Season has ARRIVED! (Insert shriek of doom here haha)! So, it's that time of year again.... MIDTERMS! Okay, so we all want to "reach for the stars" and "soar to new heights" as the old sayings go. But, at Berkeley where everyone is a natural Einstein, how do we shine above the rest? The key is to click below where it says "Continue reading "Midterm Season!!!!" »" ;-)

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A solution to STRESS!

Getting your foot in the door with a professor at Cal.

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GO TO SLEEP! (Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease :-) )

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