PAL Photo Gallery
Spring 2007 CNR Transfer Breakfast
Level 3
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Irene Liao
Genetics and Plant Biology major
Samantha Bell
Microbial Biology major
Jena Riggert
Forestry and Natural Resources major
Dale Dualan
Conservation Resource Studies major
Stephen Kwan
Molecular Environmental Biology major
Kay Jiaqi Yang
Nutritional Sciences - Dietetics major
Tiet Nguyen
Microbial Biology major
Selina Chou
Nutritional Science - Dietetics major
Jenn Jehnsen
Environmental Sciences major
Wendy Chen
Environmental Sciences major
Jessica LeBeau
Environmental Sciences major

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The Community College Counselors listening intently. Kimberly and Sally informing the counselors what CNR offers. Mark informing the counselors of a new program CNR will be offering for community college students.
A few of the Transfer Student Panelists Tay and Tim listening to Jelyn's experience as a transfer student into CNR. A transfer student sharing his side of the "transfer" story.
See the PALs participate in the panel! Giving some great advice for incoming transfer students. Letting the counselors know how great CNR is!
The CNR Major Advisors getting ready to speak to the Counselors (top to bottom, left to right) Kimberly, Donna,, Marie, and Kyle posing for the camera (left to right), Tammy, Shandrika, and Sally excited and ready to speak to the counselors
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