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Elizabeth Boyer

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What do you find most exciting about hydrology?

Hydrology is a central science of the natural world. The role of water is a key to understanding many processes that interest me, including water quality, acid precipitation, forest and agricultural productivity, and the regulation of climate.

What water issue do you think will be the most important to society in the coming years?

One issue related to my work is scarcity, in terms of both water quantity and quality. Many parts of the world already lack clean water, many landscapes are being degraded, and many surface and ground waters are being polluted. Water scarcity will be an even greater problem in coming years as demand for water increases with population and economic growth.

What are your plans now that you’re at CNR?

My courses in watershed hydrology and forest hydrology will emphasize how water moves through landscapes and interacts with ecology. My research will focus on watersheds and will contribute to understanding how hydrological and biogeochemical cycles interact to shape ecosystems and water quality, both on a local and a regional scale.


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