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Food for Thought: NST 10

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Nancy Amy, associate professor of nutrition, teaches the most popular course on campus: Introduction to Human Nutrition. Given the high demand for her expertise, Breakthroughs asked Amy to share five key lessons that she hopes will stick with her students:

1. Have fun with food. Itís a legal pleasure, appropriate for all ages. Try new things: different types of foods, different spices, different ethnic foods.

2. There are many different types of healthy diets. The bottom line is that good nutrition is important for everyone: young and old, sick and healthy, athletes and bookworms, dieters and people who never have to think about their weight.

3. Be skeptical about nutrition claims. Get information from good sources, and avoid self-proclaimed health gurus who claim they have found the secret to health or weight loss.

4. Nutrition is science, not science fiction. There are no magic foods, no magic diets, and no secret formulas.

5. What you eat is only half the picture. You need to use the energy from that food. Go out and play.


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