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Green Light Your Future: Careers in Sustainability

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Tough economic times can offer just the right moment to take stock of a career. Additional training can help those who’ve lost their jobs or who seek more marketable skills. Because sustainability has become the watchword in a growing number of fields, many are looking to add green skills to their resumes. UC Berkeley’s continuing education division offers a variety of professional programs to prepare mid-career workers, recent graduates, and others for new careers or advanced positions in sustainability.

The yearlong Professional Program in Sustainable Design offers architects, designers, builders, developers, project managers, and others the skills to create innovative, ecofriendly solutions to legacy design challenges. Sustainable design involves applying forms and patterns from nature to the creation of built environments and consumer products. With three tracks to choose from—Architecture and Interior Design, Urban Sustainability and Community Design, and Landscape Architecture—students can choose the education focus that best meets their interests.

Sustainable principles can also apply to energy, construction, and infrastructure, and those interested in this growing field have a suite of course options to choose from. The Professional Program in Solar Energy and Green Building offers an overview of the solar industry—including perspectives on policy, economics, technology, best practices, emerging market trends, opportunities, and threats—along with up-to-date training in green building design and construction, and LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Rating Systems. The Professional Program in Sustainability and Energy, and the Professional Program in Sustainability and Transportation, are aimed at policy mavens and those interested in the planning, implementation, maintenance, and environmental impact of modern infrastructure. Finally, the new Professional Series in Smart Grid Technology offers a foundation in the emerging field of networked power. Course topics include transmission and distribution, demand shaping, statutory and regulatory requirements, theory, and more.

Municipal organizations and corporations alike are taking steps to become more sustainable—and are creating positions that have the power to make change. The Professional Program in Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting shows managers how to improve their companies’ sustainable business practices with methods such as green purchasing and supply-chain management. Managers can also benefit from the Professional Program in Leadership in Sustainability and Environmental Management, which offers courses in environmental law and policy, compliance management systems, and climate change risk-mitigation strategies to help implement cost-effective sustainability practices in public and private sectors. And the Professional Program in Responsible Global Change Management explores the intersection of environmental quality, sustainability, and ecosystem health, and analyzes how these issues affect businesses and policy makers.

Whether in policy expertise, best practices, or technical know-how, UC Berkeley’s continuing education programs in sustainability offer participants the skills to begin transforming both the public sector and private industry.

UC Berkeley’s continuing education division is an official Educational Provider of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the nonprofit organization that developed the LEED® Green Building Rating System.

The following advanced courses in solar, sustainable construction, energy, and design are USGBC-approved to offer Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) continuing education credit:

• Building Commissioning for LEED® (30 GBCI CE Hours)

• The Building Envelope (30 GBCI CE Hours)

• HVAC Control and Energy Management Systems(30 GBCI CE Hours)

• Indoor Air Quality, HVAC, and Green Buildings (30 GBCI CE Hours)

• Investment Grade Solar System Feasibility Studies(30 GBCI CE Hours)

• Sustainable Construction Management and Field Practices (30 GBCI CE Hours)

• Zero Energy Homes (24 GBCI CE Hours)

Additional USGBC course approvals are ongoing. Please visit for the most current roster of approved courses. The USGBC Education Provider Program logo is a registered trademark owned by USGBC and is used by permission.

Sustainability Studies Programs at a Glance

• Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting

• Leadership in Sustainability and Environmental Management

• Responsible Global Change Management

• Smart Grid Technology

• Solar Energy and Green Building

• Sustainability and Energy

• Sustainability and Transportation

• Sustainable Design

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