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Juxtaposition: Passion and Intellect

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The trees of Berkeley have always been powerful symbols—and not just to CNR’s Forestry alumni. This year, one of campus’s most recognizable trees and several of its most controversial ones played starring roles in two very different, high-profile photographs. And not surprisingly, two distinct strands of Berkeley passion and intellect were intertwined with these trees’ branches.

In January, a crew from Vanity Fair posed six of UC Berkeley’s seven living Nobel Prize winners, along with Chancellor Robert Birgeneau, on and around the Faculty Glade’s ethereal California buckeye. The magazine’s crew was on campus for a lecture in which the Nobel laureates (from left: Yuan T. Lee, Donald Glaser, Daniel McFadden, George Smoot, Charles Townes, and Steven Chu) spoke passionately about global warming and energy sustainability. UC Berkeley’s Michael Barnes captured the moment. Vanity Fair’s take appeared in the magazine’s May 2007 “Green Issue.”

In March, San Francisco photographer Jack Gescheidt recruited 78 models to bare all for the making of “Last Stand,” above. Gescheidt was inspired by Save the Oaks activists who have long protested University plans to remove a number of trees as part of the Memorial Stadium renovation and Student-Athlete High Performance Center construction. Says Gescheidt: “I made this photo in the grove to help as I could with consciousness raising about the huge value of those oaks in so many regards, as well as of mature trees everywhere in our midst.”


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