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John Casazza and the CNR Alumni Association

John Casazza helps build the CNR Alumni Association

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Despite the demands of running an independent consulting business, John Casazza, Soil Science & Plant Nutrition '77, has stepped forward to serve as the first president of the College of Natural Resources' Alumni Association Board.

"It's really impressive to see what our fellow alumni have done to improve the world using their education and creativity," says Casazza, explaining his motivation to help CNR alumni connect with one another.

Casazza says that at first he wasn't sure if becoming involved in the new alumni association was a good fit for him. "But my friends and family encouraged me to get involved, because of the opportunity to get closer to the university and to be a part of CNR's role in improving the world." He says another consideration was his own experience as a student in CNR. "I realized that students can achieve their career goals if they have opportunities to work and study and get involved beyond the classroom, with help from those of us who have passed through the same corridors before them."

In the end, says Casazza, students and alumni are looking for many of the same things: "We all benefit from connecting to one another and to the faculty in ways that will enhance our lives and careers."


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