_sp12-Letter from the Dean

Letter from the Dean

One of our own has come home to Berkeley, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Daniel Nomura earned his undergraduate degree and Ph.D. here at the College, and after three years as postdoctoral fellow at the Scripps Research Institute, he joined the Berkeley faculty last fall to continue his groundbreaking work manipulating enzymes to treat disease. He’s already published results on cancer and Parkinson’s disease; testing potential applications of his work for other diseases will keep him and his students busy for many years to come (The Enzyme Detective).

The coming five to ten years will also see CNR scientists working on a major National Science Foundation undertaking to transform America’s urban water system for the 21st century. We are working with colleagues in the College of Engineering and three other universities to rethink, reclaim, recycle, and reengineer America’s aging urban water infrastructure (Remaking America’s Urban Water Systems).

In this issue we’ve done a little retooling ourselves: two new Breakthroughs sections show off the impact our work has on the world. In “Q&A” you’ll read interviews (highlights in print; longer online) with alumni working on different facets of a particular professional area (Q&A: Green Building). In “NewsMakers” you’ll see a lively sampling of CNR men and women quoted in influential media stories (NewsMakers).

This exciting science, and the passion of the people who do it, is a tribute to the fact that despite UC Berkeley’s shift to depending on the state for just 10 percent of our funding, we’re still delivering the outstanding teaching and research for which we are known around the world. Imagine what we could do with more. Make a gift now to the Campaign for Berkeley and get a guaranteed return on investment that will help keep Berkeley’s best and brightest coming back to reinvest their intellectual capital right here at home.

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