_sp12-BiGCB Gets Bigger, Thanks to Keck Grant

BiGCB Gets Bigger, Thanks to Keck Grant

The Berkeley Initiative in Global Change Biology, pronounced informally as “The Big CB,” received a boost in January when the W. M. Keck Foundation awarded the project $1.5 million. “Big” is an apt acronym: the initiative involves faculty members from eight campus departments and four campus natural history museums. Tapping the unique combination of data and talent from across UC Berkeley, the BiGCB is an effort of unprecedented scale and complexity; more than 40 CNR faculty are involved. The project is addressing global change biology by integrating analysis of fossil, historic, and current data in order to uncover new knowledge of California ecosystems’ responses to environmental change. In other words, BiGCB scientists say, understand the past, understand the present, and predict the future. The Keck grant will help them do just that, by supporting the development of the informatics infrastructure they need to build the next generation of models that will put all that data to work.