Max Auffhammer“What’s the cost of this going to be? There’s the cost of doing nothing versus the cost of doing something. You know you are going to get older — do you plan for old age?”

Max Auffhammer, professor, agricultural and resource economics
Source: The San Jose Mercury News was one of numerous news outlets reporting on Gov. Jerry Brown’s December 14, 2011, climate change conference in San Francisco. Auffhammer testified that if there is a four-foot rise in sea level by the end of the century, and then a storm surge, both the San Francisco and Oakland airports would be underwater, as would part of Silicon Valley.

Whendee Silver“I think it’s pretty clear when you can see this beautiful green swath of wetland growing next to the brown hills at this time of year, you can see, this is carbon.”

Whendee Silver, professor, environmental science, policy, and management (ESPM)
Source: A National Public Radio story broadcast on December 7, 2011, featured the research of ESPM professors Silver and Dennis Baldocchi on “carbon ranching” — growing dense fields of reeds to soak up carbon from the atmosphere, then selling greenhouse gas offsets.

Rick Sweitzer“My real motivation for this sock drive is so that I don’t have to stand in line at Walmart with two or three cartloads full of all the socks I can find. I get a lot of stares and a lot of interesting questions.”

Rick Sweitzer, associate adjunct professor, ESPM
Source: The KQED news blog, December 14, 2011, was one of multiple news agencies publicizing Sweitzer’s unique holiday-season drive for “gently used” socks, which he uses to hold bait for the elusive Pacific fisher, a rare weasel his project is studying. Sweitzer received more than 10,000 socks as a result of the viral news story.