Faculty Advisor


Dr. Stephanie Carlson

Graduate Students

Suzanne Kelson (Eco-evolutionary dynamics of steelhead trout)

Mario Klip (Black bear ecology in the Tahoe Basin, co-advised with Justin Brashares)


Sébastian Nusslé (August 2013- , Swiss NSF Early Postdoc.Mobility Fellow)

Michael Bogan (September 2013- , Smith Fellow)

Anna Sturrock (July 2014- , Delta Science Fellow)

Cleo Woelfle-Erskine (June 2015-, funded through a Rose Hills Innovator Award to PI Carlson)

Former Members of the Research Group

Buoro, Mathieu (Postdoc Jan 2012 - Dec 2013, now a postdoc with the Evolution & Biological Diversity Laboratory, Aquatic Ecology Group in Tolouse, France)

Cervantes-Yoshida, Kristina (Ph.D. 2015: "The influence of land use and Mediterranean seasonality on California stream fishes", now with the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board)

Diver, Sibyl (Ph.D. 2014: "Negotiating knowledges, shifting access: Natural resource governance with Indigenous communities and state agencies in the Pacific Northwest", now a postdoc at Stanford University)

Fraiola, Kauaoa (Ph.D. 2015: "Ecology and behavior of juvenile Mugil cephalus in Hawaiian streams", now a postdoc with Jim Gilliam at North Carolina State University)

Hwan, Jason (Ph.D. 2015: "Fragmentation of an intermittent stream during seasonal drought: intra- and interannual patterns and ecological consequences", now with the California Department of Fish & Wildlife-Instream Flow Program)

Woelfle-Erskine, Cleo (Ph.D. 2015: "Watershed collaborations: Entanglements with common streams", co-advised with Isha Ray, now a postdoc in the Carlson Lab)