Jewelry sales: what they have to tell you about treatment

The FTC Guides for the Jewelry Industry say "it is unfair or deceptive to fail to disclose that a gemstone has been treated in any manner that is not permanent or creates special care requirements, and to fail to disclose that a treatment is not permanent if such is the case. The following are examples of treatments that should be disclosed because they usually are not permanent or create special care requirements: impregnation, application of colored or colorless oil or epoxy-like resins, wax or plastic. The disclosure must be made at the point of sale except that disclosure should be made in any solicitation where the product can be purchased without viewing, and in the case of televised shopping programs, on the air. If special care requirements for a gemstone arise because the gemstone has been treated, it is recommended that the seller disclose the special care requirements to the purchaser."