What is CE?

One of the most effective methods for transferring scientific discoveries from the laboratory to the public has been through the Cooperative Extension Service.

Cooperative Extension specialists are headquartered at UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and UC Riverside, where they conduct research and coordinate public outreach activities. As a land-grant institution, the Cooperative Extension mandate is tied to the welfare, development, and protection of California agriculture, natural resources, and people.

The College currently has 19 Cooperative Extension specialists in our four departments to meet specific research and educational needs in areas ranging from childhood obesity to biological control to biotechnology.

Agricultural & Resource Economics

David Sunding
Water policy

David Zilberman
Intellectual property rights

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Environmental Science, Policy & Management

Ecosystem Sciences

Matteo Garbelotto
Sudden Oak Death
Forest pathology

Maggi Kelly
Monitoring environmental change

Adina Merenlender
Conservation biology and landscape ecology
Watershed science and ecological monitoring
Proximate causes of species extinction

Max Moritz

Rick Standiford
Resource economics

Bill Stewart
Forest management
Resource economics
Watershed management

William Tietje
Oak woodland ecology
Human impacts on wildlife

Organisms and the Environment

Kent Daane
Biological control

Vernard Lewis
Biology and management of household insect pests

Robert Van Steenwyk
Pest management of deciduous fruit, nut, and vine crops

Society and Environment

Christina Getz
Natural-resource dependent workers and communities

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Nutritional Science & Toxicology

Patricia Crawford
Childhood obesity
Osteoporosis prevention
Child malnutrition

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Plant & Microbial Biology

Peggy Lemaux
Biotechnology education
Genetic engineering of cereals

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