Elias Lab



Christine Rivera

Lab Position: Graduate Student
Rivera is broadly interested in behavioral ecology, sexual selection, and mating behavior. Her primary research focuses on acoustic, visual, and multi-modal communication. She received her B.A. from Hampshire College, where she studied animal behavior, with a focus on bioacoustics and physiology. Rivera graduated in 2016.


Jennifer Taylor

Lab Position: Postdoctoral Fellow 2010
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Scripps Marine Institute
Research interests: Impact mechanics of mantis shrimp telsons and crab acoustics.


J. Patrick Kelley

Lab Position: Research Specialist 2012
Current Position: Post-doctoral Fellow, University British Columbia
His research interests include Neotropical rainforest birds, predator-induced physiological and behavioral plasticity and predator-driven natural selection. He also studies bioacoustics of Neotropical birds, focusing on information transfer and geographic variation. 


Helen Ngo Chanh

Position: Undergraduate Student 2010-2011
Ngo Chanh is currently pursuing her pharmacy degree!



Sherry Chak

Position: Undergraduate Student 2010-2011
Chak is currently enrolled in dentist school!



Ronald (Chung-Huey) Wu

Position: Undergraduate Student
Wu is an exchange student from Taiwan during the 2011-2012 academic year. He is currently working on a project investigating the effects of anthropogenic noise on orb-weaving spider's vibrational communication. He is also assisting on competition experiments and animal care


Mark Phuong

Position: Undergraduate Student
Phoung is currently assisting on animal care. He initially joined the lab to work on aquatic invertebrates.


Genoa Starrs

Position: Undergraduate Student
Starrs Truong is currently assisting on a variety of ongoing research projects as well as caring for spider, termite, and cricket colonies.


Anna Khazenzon

Position: Undergraduate Student
Khazenzon is a Cognitive Science major currently assisting in animal care, running mate choice trials, and scoring videos of spider courtship behavior. She is working on an honors thesis looking at jumping spider cognition during the 2011-2012 academic year.


Hua Truong

Position: Undergraduate Student
Truong is currently assisting on a variety of ongoing research projects as well as caring for spider, termite, and cricket colonies.


Mimi Dietderich

Position: Undergraduate Student
Dietderich is a recent graduate from the College of Natural Resources with a Bachelors of Science in Molecular Environmental Biology. She has been helping with animal care, and mate choice trials.