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Students can earn unit credit for a score of three or higher on Advanced Placement exams. Sometimes, an AP exam score will meet a course requirement as well. Course credit is determined by the Environmental Sciences faculty and is shown in the chart below. These scores and applicable course credit only apply to Environmental Sciences majors.

High school AP work, no matter how demanding, is not necessarily the same as college level work. Berkeley professors' expectations of what students should know can differ greatly from what high school students might expect.

Although students may have an AP score that waives them out of a requirement, they are not required to skip the class. Students may choose, without penalty, to take a class for which they already received AP credit. For example, if you received a 3 on the AB Math Exam and you take Math 1A, you will still receive 2.7 units for the AP test and 4 units for Math 1A.

Students who decide to skip a course based on an AP score should be prepared for a higher level workload in the next course. Talk to the ES advisor about a first semester schedule if you decide to use an AP score in lieu of a requirement.

Exam Score Requirement Fulfilled
Biology 3 None
4 or 5

Biology 1A* or Biology 11/L.
* The ES faculty strongly urges all students in the Biological concentration to take Biology 1A regardless of AP credit.

Chemistry 3 see an ES advisor
4 or 5 Chemistry 1A
Economics: Micro 3 none
4 or 5 EEP 1/Econ 3
English Language and Composition 3 Subject A requirement
4 or 5 First half of Reading and Composition requirement (R&C "A" course)
English Literature and Composition 3 Subject A requirement
4 First half of Reading and Composition requirement (R&C "A" course)
5 Both halves of Reading and Composition requirement
Environmental Science 4 or 5 ES 10
Math AB 3, 4, or 5 Math 16A or Math 1A
Math BC 3 or 4 Math 16A or Math 1A
5 Math 1A and Math 1B
Physics   none


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