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Students Not Attending CalSO
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We strongly urge all students to attend CalSO. CalSO is the best opportunity for incoming students to register for classes and to orient themselves to the campus.

Going to CalSO will provide you with an opportunity to have over three hours of academic advising with the ES advisor. CalSO also gives students the opportunity to learn about many other aspects of the UC Berkeley experience. Sign-up here.

Students who are unable to attend CalSO will need to follow these procedures to register for their fall classes.

  1. Review the information for Freshmen in the section "Choosing your Classes."
  2. Create an appropriate ES schedule for the fall semester. Call the ES Advisor if you have any questions.
  3. Complete the Tele-BEARS form with your proposed schedule. Be sure to sign the form!
  4. Complete the Advisor Code Release form. Choose whether you want to receive your Advisor Code via e-mail or fax. Be sure to sign the form!
  5. Fax (510-643-3132) or mail (Environmental Sciences; 260 Mulford Hall; Berkeley, CA; 94720-3100) the Tele-BEARS form and the Advisor Code Release form to the ES advisor.
  6. The ES advisor will review the Tele-BEARS form. Be sure that you have provided her with a phone number and e-mail address that she can use to contact you in case there are any questions about your forms.
  7. Once your schedule is approved, the ES advisor will be able to release your Advisor Code (AC) to you at the appropriate time. Students who are unable to attend CalSO may have to wait until all CalSO programs are finished before the AC is released.
  8. Use your PIN number (sent to you by the Registrar) and your AC to sign up for your fall classes. Review the information on the page Phases of Registration to prioritize your enrollment.

Please contact the ES advisor if you have questions at any point in the process. She can help.

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