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We have started local K-12 Outreach through the new Atitia Center in French Polynesia, which brings together educators, elders, and community leaders from Moorea, and researchers and students from the Gump Station in order to gather and disseminate knowledge of Polynesia (natural and cultural). The Atitia Center creates learning materials for the schools of French Polynesia that are real to the children of the islands. Information emanating from studies at the Gump Station provides a direct link for them to their environment. Transfer of knowledge to local people through the Atitia Center has worked effectively for previous research based at the Gump Station.

The survey has been involved in the annual "Fete des Sciences" held in Papeete at the Maison de la Culture, Place Toata. A presentation was given outlining the survey work; and additional presentation was given on the life cycle of the Raiatean cicada.

Local schools have been involved with the survey, in particular, Marjorie Saillan, a teacher at the local Paopao elementary school, organized an entomology club at the school where the students conduct various activities including using some of the survey’s collecting equipment to collect material for the survey.

Recently, we have teamed with an NSF-funded GK-12 program to bring the study of natural history to the local schools (see video above).



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