A biodiversity survey and inventory

This project surveys the arthropod fauna of the high islands of French Polynesia, with the goals to identify, database, and map, the diversity of species, both endemic and invasive.  The project will disseminate information in French Polynesia and elsewhere through science fairs, such as the Fete des Sciences, programs for K-12 students in French Polynesia and the US, workshops for officials and scientists, and visual products, including exhibits, brochures, biological identification tools, and collections to be maintained in French Polynesia and elsewhere.

PIs: Rosemary Gillespie, Neal Evenhuis, Jim Liebherr, Dan Polhemus, George Roderick


French Polynesia: Terrestrial Arthropods

a project supported by the National Science Foundation and the Government of French Polynesia

Tohiea Summit, Moorea, 1,207m, l-r, J Liebherr, D Polhemus, G Roderick, C Ewing, J Petit, 2006 [photo, G Roderick]