News for Spring 2010:


NorCal SAF in Sacramento - 1/30

Montana Forester's Ball - 2/5-2/6



History of The Cal Forestry Program

Below are some historic photos of the Cal Forestry Program. A special thanks goes out to Matt Strausser who found the large collection in the Forestry Club closet. He also thought of digitizing the photographs so they could be posted on the club website.

If you have photos you would to contribute to the Forestry Club history page, please contact the webmaster ( We would like digitize the images and post them here where everyone has access to them.

Click on the photos to enlarge

Dean Baker at Summer Camp

Summer Camp of 1941 on top of Spanish Peak, Forestry Camp

Mulford, Dean, founding member of forestry club

Xi Sigma Pi 1936 Ax record book

Fritz signature in Xi Sigma Pi

Fritz glass plate photo of redwoods

One of the foresters many intramural teams