Meeting Minutes: Fall 2008

The Forestry Club meetings take place weekly in 103 Mulford Hall at noon on Wednesdays.


all of this information pertains to the christmas tree cut...

1) X-mas tree cut this weekend. Joel needs people attending to sign forms (waiver of liability, safety note)

2) Joel will let people know of departure times on Friday as soon as he figures them out (probably today). Most likely renting a van.

3) Starting cut at around 8 am, then drive back to Berkeley when finished. Trees will be unloaded outside of Mulford.

4) Bring sleeping bags! and food. or whatever else you might think you'll need. prepare for cold weather.

5) tree sale sunday the 7th to friday the 12th from 9-5pm. please sign up to sell trees!!

6) publicity: invite friends to facebook group, let people know about tree cut happy tree cutting : )


1) Christmas tree cut will be on December 6th, those going will be staying at Blodgett. If you are interested in going, let Joel know.

2) SAF: hotel reservations have been made. If you are going, there is a mandatory meeting on Monday, November 3rd at noon in the same room where forestry club meets (103 Mulford I think). If you can't go, you have to let Mary know ( Also, attire at SAF is business casual.

3) If you have any suggestions for a commencement speaker for spring 2009, e-mail Susan (

4) Please pay your dues if you haven't!

5) If you are interested in planting trees in Oakland this Saturday, October 18th, Susan e-mailed out some info about it twice. She's going. So you should go too.

6) Want to know how to kill a redwood? Kevin will be giving a lecture tomorrow at noon and he can tell you how.

that's all. no meetings until after SAF. unless you're going to SAF, in which case you have to go to the mandatory meeting on november 3rd.


sorry for the delay!! here's whats going on in the world of forestry club:

1) SAF updates: Mary has made hotel room reservations. There will be six people per room so bring a sleeping bag if you have one.

2) Possible guest lecture after SAF, more to come from Susan.

3) Have you paid your dues? If not, please give Marc $5 asap.

4) X-mas tree cut will most likely be on the weekend of December 6th. More updates from Joel to come.

5) If you are going to SAF there will be a mandatory meeting Monday November 3rd at noon, location to be announced later.

6) Come to the forestry seminars thursday at noon! Next week Kevin will be giving a seminar on how to kill a redwood!


SAF: If you are going to SAF and leaving early, please let Mary know as soon as possible so she can make accommodations ( You also need to be a registered member of SAF and pay your club dues!

Dues: If you haven't paid Marc $5 for dues, please do so as soon as possible!

Funds: Currently, there isn't enough funding to send everyone to SAF who signed up. We may need to have people who are attending pay for part of the cost. Kevin will update us at the next meeting.

CAF Banquet is this friday in the Garden room at Clark Kerr. There will be a seminar at 4pm, a social hour at 6pm, followed by dinner at 7pm. Please remember to bring $5. If you would like to go but haven't signed up, e-mail Al Stangenberger ( to see if there is any room left.


CAF Banquet is October 3rd in the Garden room at Clark Kerr. There will be a seminar on biofuels at 4pm, followed by a social hour at 6pm. Please
remember to bring $5 for dinner, which will be at 7pm. If you would like
to attend, please let Al Stangenberger ( know
before friday.

First bean feed of the semester tonight in front of Mulford from 5-7pm!!!
Forestry club and logging sports merchandise will be available.

Club dues are $5. Please remember to bring for next meeting or give to Marc.

If you plan on attending SAF, let Mary know by today
( You will need to join SAF and pay the $35
membership fee in order to go the convention.

If you need a CLFA sponsor, e-mail Kevin O'Hara. He is currently looking
for one to sponsor scholarship applicants.

hope to see you all tonight at the bean feed!!!


-Membership dues: $5 for the semester, please turn in to Mark next week at meeting

-Storage closet: needs to be cleaned Monday, September 22nd at 5pm; e-mail Susan ( if you want to volunteer to clean it (its on the 3rd floor of Mulford)

-Bean Feed: Wednesday next week at 5pm in front of Mulford. If you want to help cook / bake, e-mail Strausser ( or Tane(

-Logging sports: practice tomorrow at 4pm; talk to Alex if you want to be on the e-mail list for logging sports (

-There are extra forestry camp '08 shirts, contact Lucy ( if you would like to buy one for $18 (money will be donated to forestry club).

-If you need to contact any of the officers, their e-mails are on the forestry club website.

-If you need a letter of rec for SAF the diversity scholarship, give forms to Kevin O'Hara by tomorrow

-SAF membership fee is $35

-Try to figure out if you can/want to go to SAF soon so that arrangements can be made.


New Officers:

President: Susan N

Vice President: Joel K

Secretary: Steph B.

Treasurer: Marc B.

Merchandise: Kaija O.

Publicity: Deborah L.

Timber Editor: Lucy C.

Webmaster: John D.

Been Feed Coordinators: Zach T and Strausser

SAF Coordinator: Mary M.

Logging sports will meet Sundays at 2pm. If you are interested, talk to Melissa (

3rd Annual Forestry and Natural Resources BBQ this Sunday, September 14th, 1-5pm. It will be at the Russell Reservation (look up 4927 Happy Valley Road, Lafayette, CA on google maps for directions). Go to if you need a ride / to RSVP. This is a great opportunity to meet people in the department and socialize with other Cal Foresters.

Please pay $5 club membership fee ASAP (this helps pay for bean feeds, etc.)

Interested in becoming a member of SAF? The cost is $35 and you can get an application from Kevin O'Hara.

Members of Xi Sigma Pi (Forestry Honors Society): See Kevin if you need a certificate or if you have a stoll you have not paid for.

SAF Diversity Scholarships: deadline September 20th. Last year 3 Berkeley students received scholarships, so everyone who feels that they would add diversity to SAF is encouraged to apply. For more info go to

Keynote speaker needed for SAF (theme: forestry and global change). Please send nominations to Kevin O'Hara or bring it up at the next meeting.


Everyone introduced themselves to the other club members.

Officer nominations were taken.

Professor O’Hara will be accepting nominations until Friday at noon. Then a ballot will be sent out for voting.

Russell Welcome BBQ: Click here to signup. For those who need a ride to the BBQ there will be a van leaving from Berkeley. Directions and info about the BBQ can be found here.

Bean Feed: TBA