Meeting Minutes: Spring 2007

Forestry Club meetings take place weekly in 103 Mulford Hall at noon on Wednesdays


more coherent Minutes, Forestry club song, and Rail Splitting details

1. John Nicoles – talked about the Rail-splitting
• Great experience and good chance to meet alumni and others associated
with the forestry department of CaL. – details attached

2. Sang the California Forestry Club song – If you want a copy the song
is attached
3. Suggestions to send to OSU for SAF 2007
a. Undergraduate research panel or poster session (even for students who
can’t make it)
b. Mt. St. Helen’s Trip
c. Field ed in Portland
d. Logging sports exhibition or conclave for schools w/o teams
e. Keep up newsletters, grad school options, and faculty info
f. Any more suggestions? Send to Gina to send to OSU
4. We are helping plan SAF 2008 if you have suggestions for that send them
in too! Like a trip to sagehen
5. Forestry Camp
a. Need field photos for 2005 and 2006 so If have photos and put them on a
CD and give to Keith Gillis
b. If have favorite photos from camp and want to put them up on the board
in the resource center give them to Gina.
6. Timber
a. If you have photos want to put in timber send them to Erica
b. don’t forget to write articles
c. We should look into SAF’s student publication competition and find out
details for submitting it because we used to win !!
d. If you have a good idea for the Cover bring in your designs to the Next
7. Transfer Day
a. We have been invited to talk about forestry to the students at Contra
Costa College who are taking the “Career and life planning classes”
b. Please come May 3 from 12:40 – 2
c. Tell them about what is great about our major at Cal and Our school in
d. Is anyone interested at taking to the students at Berkeley High too?!
8. Calling New students
a. Shandrika has a list of the new students that are declared Forestry for
entry in Fall 2007 and we would like to call them and answer any questions
they may have, if you are interested in calling 1 or 2 students contact
b. You can tell them about yourself, what good and bad experiences you’ve
had, what they should know as a new student, and what inspires you.

LAST BEAN FEED MAY 8TH – New camp students are invited.


CNR Movie night is March 14 th A showing of Fern Gulley and Bean Feed Co hosted by the Forestry Club. Food will be served at 5, the movie starts at 6. Red Wood Planting March 18 th and 19 th Meet in the parking lot behind Mulford for rides to Claremont Canyon, Sunday we meet at 8:30am, Monday at 3:00 pm. Email me, so we know to wait for you! Forest Conservation Days in Saratoga on March 24 th Lead hikes, play with kids, hang out in the forest with your mates….free food. If you want to come contact Gina or I to get a registration form. If you think you may want to come but aren’t sure you should still fill out a form and can change your mind. We want to start trying to organize rides there. Contributions can still be made to the NorCal newsletter. Lets make a good impression and tell them whats happening in Cal forestry. Send pictures ( in jpeg) and articles( in microsoftword), 350 words or less. Submit to Tabling on Sproul Next Monday thru Wednesday (3/12-3/14) Email Angie at if you can help out any day between 11-1. AWFC next weekend Our next meeting will convene at the SE corner of Wheeler Hall by Palm and Cedar tree The grounds maintence crew will walking us through an aerial inspection of the campus trees. Wavier forms will be there to sign. This takes the place of the regular meeting. Earth Week April 16 th Brainstorm ideas for how we can be part of it. The days are themed ( theres even a fire theme!) so we should table the days that are relevant to our club. Belt buckles can be on the horizon But if you want one you should contact Natalie in advance so that we know how many to order and that people will actually buy them since they are expensive.


Meeting on 2/28/07 March 15th- NorCal SAF news letters due. Please write something if you can, and/or photos. Merchandise- patches have been ordered! we will also order trucker caps, which will have the patch sewn onto the front. March 13th- movie night. will be playing Fern Gully, and we will be paid to have a bean feed before the movie. Angie will be tabling on Sproul for the club, talk to her if you would like to help. Berkeley Iceland- college nights are Thursday, we should all go, perhaps next Thursday. Scott Stephens- Forestry honors society Xi Sigma Pi. Started in 1908 in Washington. Junior standing or higher w/ 3.0 GPA or better. Anyone able is encouraged to join. Erika- ESPM Grad Student Symposium. We are encouraged to volunteer, it is on April 28th?? Forest conservation days. March 19th-March 25th, encouraged to volunteer. DUES- EVERYONE BRING 5 DOLLARS TO THE NEXT BEAN FEED PLEASE. Forestry club listserve is getting really large, maybe we will open up a new smaller list for internal club affairs, and keep the current list for more general things. Everyone is encouraged to submit articles for Timber, our publication.



Sorry these are so late people, but here ya go!

CNR Blog

Sophomores can apply, possibly money involved
More info. coming.
Bean Feed was a success-- next one early in March.

RRLC: Redwood Region Logging Conference is Saturday March 17th. Eureka, CA

Let Gina know if you're interested in going to she can set things up.

Planting Redwoods again on Sunday March 18th and Monday March 19th

if anyone can DRIVE or provide a CAR.. let Gina know.
Be READY to go between 8:30-9am. on Sunday; 3pm on Monday. @ Mulford?
Forest Conservation Days are Saturday March 24th- Sunday the 25th

Strongly encouraged to get involved.
In Saratoga, about 1.5 hours away, need to bring lunch.
UC Botanical Garden needs thinning treatment in Redwood Grove

Historically done by Cal Foresters, but hasn't been done in a while
Possible felling of trees involved!
Details pending
Tom Clatt presentation

Cal 2005 graduate, Environmental Sciences
Now, Greenpeace advocate; also involved in oak grove protest.

Discussion involved: the Oak Grove politics, arboriculture as an occupation, biodiversity and ecosystem relationships, legislation-academia-corporations triangle.
Demonstration of ropes and knots used in climbing trees in front of Mulford.


Forestry Club Minutes

Logging conclave last weekend

Redwood Region Logging Conference-17th of March

Claremont Canyon redwood planting- March 18th and 19th probably

CNR movie night- 50 or 60$ to forestry club if we make chili. March.

First bean feed next Tuesday the 20th- can help Lana make food if you want

Gina- talked to an arborist; we can go in his aerial lift in a few weeks

CNR- Fresh Faces Blog- 50$ for 10 blogs for freshmen and sophomores

Berkeley Iceland- social night idea

Visiting the oaks? Will be an individual thing

Guest from “The Fund” presented on its environmental NPO


Forestry Club Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, February 7th, 2007  

Expected Guest Mark Spencer could not join us today.

Job experience discussion delayed 

Suggestions on dates for the Forestry club to Do Urban Tree Planting together.

Redwood planting with the Claremont Conservancy

  • In the past this has been good publicity and exposure for the club. Low survival rate has been observed due to planting in canyon where they are not native to. Dry weather ha also increased mortality.
  • Potential dates are March 17-18. Aim for 8 to 10 people each day.

Interest in seeing logging operations done in the Hills. Patrick has been up to see the removal of the Eucalyptus. This may be a great thing for forestry club to get involved in.  

Suggestion for idea of a club camp out at the Oak Grove.

  • Gina climbed 70 feet up one of the trees and said it was an incredible experience, “like a bird in a nest”.

CNR Movie night. Forestry club has been invited to host a movie and discussion.

  • The last viewing was of An Inconvenient Truth. Some members of forestry club went. Patrick liked the food; Joel had a good time all around. Patrick though it was cool that pre-school kids started a fund to address global warming.
  • We will Show Fern Gulley and have a bean feed. Date TBD.

Budget Updates from Erica

  • 4,105.15 in account

Forestry Honor Society Xi Sigma Pi

  • Carve Ax and get signatures from 20 other members of the club. Also do some community service.
  • A meeting with specific details to this will be announced later.


  • We need ideas for articles and people willing to write them.
  • Ideas mentioned were: SAF, tree planting, the Christmas tree cut, stories of how you became interested in forestry
  • Old Issues of Timber can be found in the Bioscience library if interested


  • Patches are in progress
  • Belt buckles are a new possibility
  • If we want a new T-shirt design we can have a contest and contact people in art school to make them super cool.
  • It is very important to proof the shirts before we print them!

Cal Day

  • In the past we have passed out redwood seedlings and other products from the Forest Products Commission.
  • If anyone has ideas about other things to do for Cal day let us know.
  • Patrick really loves the idea of passing out trees. At the fair at forestry camp he has a great time bucking and really like the stickers and fake tattoos that were distributed.
  • If someone is interested in making a Tri-Fold or other type of board to advertise the club that would be excellent. It could be super fun to do.

Tabling at Earth Day

    • Raise awareness about forestry
    • Try to reach out to the forestry majors not in the forestry club

Creating a recruitment committee

  • Patrick will be on it, in fact the bean feeds are what roped him in. But he only wants to do it if he can talk to people. Otherwise if he is told to sit in a room alone and make a poster he will leave.


Meeting 2 of Spring 2007 semester – Wednesday, January 31, 2007 

Meeting Start: 12:08 

Gina opened meeting with a Welcome Back and a thank you to last semester’s officers!!! 

NSAF recap

  • Thank you to Jon, Lana, Gina and Madison for representing Cal.
  • Topics: The impacts of roads on watersheds, rivers, clean-up of erosion, and the history of roads

Reminder!!! – 2 Forestry scholarships due Feb 5

  1. Fritz scholarship
  2. Adams scholarship
    1. May need a letter of recommendation for 1 or both
    2. Good Luck!!

Special Guests

      Jeff Leddy from CDF, Cal Forester ‘92

            There are jobs available through CDF but applications are due so if you are interested e-mail him immediately at to inform him you are interested or for more information.  They are hiring 15-20 people and demand is high.  Positions are available at Boggs Mountain, Jackson, LaTour, Mountain Home, Soquel, South Lake Tahoe, and Sacramento.    

      Laurea Roman, Graduate student n Urban Forestry

            Works with urban relief and is looking for volunteers to plant trees in Oakland.  Urban Relief works in improve the environment and economic and social community in Oakland.  Their goal this year is to plant 700 trees.  If you are interested you should go out to these tree plantings on Saturdays, just look for e-mails for more information.   

Gina closes meeting with words of encouragement for everyone in the club to work together to make great things happen for the forestry club.   

Meeting closes: 12:45