Meeting Minutes: Spring 2008

Forestry Club meetings take place weekly in 103 Mulford Hall at noon on Wednesdays



- Angie will be sending out a survey for everyone to fill out
- Cal Day last Saturday went well; all seedlings were distributed (special thanks to Strausser)
- We made $270+ at Cal Day

Earth Week
- Sign up to table and tell people about forestry!
- next Tuesday, April 22 (Earth Day!) 10-2
- 1 hour shifts

- Dedication to Jim
- 2 week deadline for articles and pictures
- Get everything to Lauren ( by April 30th
- PLEASE sign up for a job

SAF Outstanding Chapter Website Award
- 50 pt system
- number one school last year hasn't updated since last May
- we have a "Good chance" - Dingman
- Updating website: timber articles, officers, events page, alumni page
- Award presented at SAF Conference
- Application due by June 20th
-Youtube: Keith Gilless has a video, we should too?!


- CAF Mentorship: please fill out survey
- FCD was last Saturday and went well
- Rail splitting: May 16th - 18th (can come back early); email Angie if interested

Xi Sigma Pi
- deadline for signed axes April 23rd
- Graduating seniors: email Katie if you haven't told her you are graduating

Cal Day
- have lots of seedlings (redwood, giant sequoia, Monterey pine)
- first shift 9-10am
- two hour shifts from then on
- 11 freshmen admitted to Forestry program for next year
- talk to some of them from 3-4pm

- Criteria: returning; completed forestry camp or going this summer;
- Need: 1 page maximum cover letter; short essay (2 pg) describing challenges in the field of forestry and why you chose forestry
- Due to Kevin on April 28th in PDF form

Earth Day
- email sign up coming soon


- Bean Feed tomorrow 5:30pm!
- CAF Mentorship

Xi Sigma Pi
- GPA of 3.0 is required
- You get a piece of wood to carve your own ax
- Collect 10 signatures on your ax from current members (hint: some current members in forestry club are Angie, Kevin, Nai, Katie, John)

- Needs to be organized desperately...
- Anyone to volunteer?

Blue and Gold Year Book
- Wants story on Forestry Camp
- Deadline is April 14th
- Volunteers? Email Lauren at
- will also be used in Timber

Rail Splitting
- Need a group of volunteers to go
- Lair of the Bear campsite to do maintenance work
- May 16 - 18th
- if interested email Angie

Forestry Club Funds
- we have $5500 in account
- Please pay your forestry club dues ($5) to Alex

- mugs are here!
- Will be sold at Bean Feed

Congratulations Marc Barker for getting Emanuel Fritz Scholarship!
- Marc rocks


Logging Sports:
- Ukiah for demonstration today through Saturday

Bean Feed:
- April 3rd

- shirts and sweatshirts are in!

Camping Trip:
- email from Zak coming soon
- site is reserved

- Professional Forester Scholarship
- only for UCB students
- $5000
- Email will be sent out with requirements soon

Cal Day:
- April 12th
- please sign up to help

Call for Essay for SAF:
- Due April 15th
- Susan to volunteer


- Does anyone know where Craig's black oval pot from the bean feed is? If found, please email me back.
- Logging sports has gotten $2,000 donated and hoping for more

CAF Professional Forestry Scholarship
- 2 undergraduate and 1 graduate student scholarships of $5,000 each
- for anyone who is going to be here next year
- more information coming soon

Cal Day
- April 12th, Saturday
- 3 job options: tabling (seedling distribution and merchandise), putting signs up for tree hunt (Zak and Steve), and Student Reception 3-4
- sign up for job with Angie by email

Forest Conservation Days
- email Angie ASAP if you want to volunteer

Camping Trip
- email Zak ASAP if you are thinking of going

- clothing has come in!


- Career Fair March 12th 5-7pm, Pauley Ballroom
- Resource Center will review your resume
- Cal Day, seedlings came

Xi Sigma Pi:
- forestry fraternity!
- membership - grad, undergrad, faculty
- junior standing, GPA 3.2 or better
- carve an ax out of wood
- go around campus and get 10 signatures of members on ax
- you get a certificate
- then you are a member!!!
- put on resume :)

- simplified design
- total for t-shirts and sweatshirts and beerstines = $1400
- if we sold everything, we would make profit of 98%
- mugs $12, sweatshirt $30, t-shirt $15
- create packages (all three, or three + hat and belt buckle you get free polo!)
- clothing in 2 weeks
- mugs come during spring break

- three options: Quiz Bowl, Ice Breaker, Orientation
- duties will be split up between us, Humboldt, Cal Poly, U of Utah

Sproul Tabling:
- Next Tuesday
- Want to do more days, maybe do one more day for Forestry Major (Monday)
- Who wants to table on Monday? email Angie
- Promote Camp

Camping Trip:
- email Zak if you are planning on coming
- Big Basin
- maybe Ukiah
- everyone pitch in $5 and buy food in bulk

Bean Feed:
- April 3rd



- Bean Feed went great - thanks Liz and Matt!
- Career Fair TODAY!
- if you are with the CAF Mentor program, arrange rides with each other if you're placed in the same area.
- if you want to get paired up with a mentor, email Angie
- Dean candidate today in Resource Center

Forest Conservation Day
- March 31st - April 6th at Sanborn Park in Saratoga, CA
- we can just go for the weekend and stay for free if get in early!

Camping Trip
- rain?
- if you haven't paid club fees, then you don't get to go on the camping trip.

- March 14th



- Bean Feed Today! 5:30pm

- Coordinating with UC Davis and Humboldt to think of student bonding activities
- Suggestions: Bowling, Galena Creek Hike, Fallon Corn Mazes, go carts

Tabling on Sproul as a Featured Major:
- Tuesday, March 11
- 11am-2pm
- hour shifts, to sign up please email Angie (

Adopt a Community Collage:
- Interested in participating or have any suggested CCs? email Angie

Camping Trip:
- Big Basin March 29-30

Canceling May Bean Feed to focus on Senior BBQ


- Nai brought in a lovely new T-shirt design idea
- BEAN FEED next Thursday 02/21 5:30 outside of Mulford

Humboldt trip
- Logging Sports are going to practice with the Humboldt team with help from some professionals
- Friday - Sunday: if you are interested please contact Madison ( or Melissa Chun ( ASAP

- As the editor, Lauren decided that the club members will have to do all the work and she will put it all together
- If you would like to do a write-up for Timber, please contact Lauren at
- Still looking for a cover, so if you have any ideas or pictures...

Club Events
- February: bean feed, merchandise making, adopt a Community Collage
- March: bean feed, adopt a CC, Camping Trip
- April: bean feed, Cal Day, Earth Week, Forestry Camp advertisement
- May: bean feed, graduation BBQ (juniors to plan)

Camping Trip
- Zak and Angie to plan
- In need of drivers
- Camping site nominations: Lake Shasta, Angel Island, Big Sur, Big Basin, Redwood National Park
- March 8-9, or 22-23

- Still accepting applications for tech jobs
- No one has applied, so if YOU do, you have a very good chance of landing a summer job...



Logging Sports is going to Redding tonight to showcase their skills: Good Luck!
* Logging Sports is looking for sponsors to support them and help them make it to the
National Convention in Montana in April

Lauren, our Timber Editor, is still looking for pictures, so if you have any please send them to

A list of suggested commencement speakers for the CNR graduation is due this Friday, so if you have any suggestions, please email Jeff at

Forestry Club made around $6,000 from the X-mas tree sale
CLUB DUES: $5 to Alex
As of now we have about $5,000 in our bank account
Tentative Budget:
-Bean Feeds: $300 x 6 = $1800
-Timber $100
-SAF $2500
-Senior BBQ $100
-Surplus for Logging Sports and merchandise
-Merchandise (stickers, hats, long sleeves, sweatshirts, pint glasses, new T-shirt design (Nai to look for one) $800-1000

Send out an advertisement with CAF newsletter with the merchandise we have for sale

Events: Cal Day and Earth Week tabling
Camping trip suggestions: Big Sur, Big Basin, Redwood National Park

BEAN FEED! Thursday, February 21st 5:30pm