Meetings take place on Wednesdays at noon in 136 Mulford. We hope to see you there!

For information on how to join, please click here:

Email: 12/17

Hi All: First I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful and productive semester! While you are all out on your breaks doing fun things and relaxing, here is some forestry club stuff to think about:

January 30th (Sat that we get back to school) is the NorCal SAF winter meeting in Sacramento. It would be wonderful to have a strong student presence there this year (last year Allison was the only one! Lets give her some company!) If you would like to attend, please register BEFORE Jan 23rd. It will be $25 and the club will reimburse you at our first meeting. We will arrange rides that week, as well. The flyer can be viewed at

We will be planting redwoods up in Claremont Canyon again this year mid January. So be dreaming about digging large holes and carefully, and lovingly, placing a redwood in it and I will email you all later in the break.

Hope you all have good break and Happy New Year! -Mary


Hey Forclubbers!

Here's what's new:

Lara Roman stopped by to talk about a new Urban Forestry class, LA 198, that will be offered next spring. The class is centered around getting involved with local organizations that deal with urban forestry issues. contact Lara at for more inforamtion.

Christmas Tree Cut Everything is going smoothly, for more information see Strausser's email. DRESS WARM!

Christmas Tree Sale PLEASE SIGN UP! It's going to be lots of fun! Bring your friends... study while you sell! And make wreath's when you need a break from studying. It's perfect!

Big Game T-shirts: Thanks to everyone who came to the Chopping Rally two weeks ago. Due to the bad weather, not that many people were out and about. As a result we have lots of big game t-shirts left over. If you want any, or know of anyone who wants one, refer them to our website, it tells you who to contact if you want to buy one.

Club Historian: The appointment of club historian will be postponed till next semester.

Merchandise: Dexter ordered hats!!

Next Week's Meeting: Next week's meeting will be held outside of Mulford at the Christmas Tree Sale!

Yule Ball: Don't forget to RSVP: Sign up to help at: Tickets are available for purchase from Raphaela (408)603-5411 and Debra (707) 227-6476. $10 if you've paid your dues, $15 if you haven't.

Have a wonderful week! See you at the tree-cut!


Hey everyone... Here's the ForClub news! Today we revitalized the old tradition of Cider and Pretzels at the meeting!

Christmas Tree Cut: Read Strausser's email and be sure to print out the waivers, sign them, and return them to the Forestry Club Mail box in 140 Mulford.

Sign up to help at the sale: Strausser will buy a Yule Ball Ticket for whoever volunteers to help the most!

CalPoly Conclave- Logging Sports: The team did great! Just a few highlights: Allison and Ariel won 1st in double-buck and Mary got 1st in axe throw!

Big Game Chopping Rally: Friday 11/20/09 at 12:00 noon on the steps of Sproul Hall. Please come cheer on your fellow foresters as they chop down and chop up the Stanford Tree! We need help setting up, selling shirts, and move logs/equipment during the rally. Sign up:

The First ever Yule Ball will be held Wednesday November 9th during the RRR week!

Merchandise: Dex will order CalForestry hats!

John Nicoles gave a wonderful presentation on our club's history and traditions. The presentation was recorded, hopefully it will be posted for all to see.

Club Historian: If you are interested in becoming our club's historian or if you have a nomination for club historian, contact Kevin.

See you Friday at the Big Game Chopping Rally!


Here's what we talked about today:

Bean Feed tomorrow! 6:00 outside Mulford Hall.

Logging Sports Update:

>The people who went to the logging sports workshop held by Modesto JC had a great time and made new friends :)

>Logging Sports competition at CalPoly is coming up in two weeks.

>Dex got Big Game Rally t-shirts. We'll need help selling them on the 18th at the Logging Sports Rally on Sproul Plaza and also outside the Greek Theater at the Bonfire Rally on the 20th. Christmas Tree Cut/Sale:

>The plan: Leave Friday (whenever people are available to leave), arrive at Blodgett, have dinner and relax, wake up and go cut our beautiful Christmas trees! Have lunch, return to Berkeley and unload all of the trees outside of Mulford.

>We'll be selling the trees Dec 6th through Dec 11th. We'll need lots of volunteers to sell trees, make wreaths and bake cookies. FACT: "Selling Christmas trees is Fun."

>E-mail Matt ( if you want to go to the Cut and weren't at the meeting. Tell him who you are, your contact info, vegetarian/carnivore, what time you can leave on Friday, and if you can drive/how many people you can take.

Stephanie has fliers for the Christmas Tree cut, be sure to post them all around! We'll send out a pdf. so you can print more.

Yule Ball: If you are interested in being on the planning committee, contact Ange (

No meeting next week due to Veterans Day.

See you all tomorrow at the Bean Feed!!


Hey Forestry Clubbers!
Here's what we talked about today:
CAF Banquet- The Cal Alumni Forester's Banquet will be held November 13th at the Bancroft Hotel. Mike Jani will be give a lecture entitled: "Facing Change in the Redwoods." Lecture will be followed by Happy Hour and the Banquet. Cost for dinner: $5 for students. If you want to go, RSVP to Mary (

Bean Feed- Bean Feed, next Thursday! It's starting to get cold, so don't forget a jacket, or better yet... buy a CalForester's sweatshirt!!

Logging Sports- This weekend there is a weekend workshop hosted by Modesto. There will be lots of workshops on technique and just-for-fun competitions. If you'd like to go contact Allison ( or Ricky ( ASAP.

History- We want to bring back some of the Forestry Club traditions and learn about our club's rich history. John Nicoles is going to come share what he knows with the club. date: TBA.

Website- Carlin is starting to update and improve the club's website. She will be sending out re-designed banner's for the top of the page, please vote on which you like best. The Club Member Bios are also going to be updated. If you have any ideas for a cool question to use in the Bios, let Carlin know.

SAF- We will make plans for having a Bean Feed/Lecture next semester that we can invite Bay Area Chapter SAF members to.

Big Game Logging Sports Rally- Nov 18th on Upper Sproul Plaza! Instead of coming to club meeting, go and support logging sports! We'll need people to bring merchandise and sell t-shirts.

Merchandise- There are plans in the works to bring back vintage t-shirt designs. We'll order hats to sell at the CAF banquet.

Christmas tree cut- Don't forget! Keep the weekend of Dec 4th and 5th free!

That's all for now! May the Forest be with you :)


>Tentative plans for a Camp-out/Work-day at Russel Research Station. This semester might not work (due to so many other events) but we'll look into having a little forestry-club adventure in spring.

>Forestry Club will be tabling on Sproul Plaza, to support the Climate Change awareness events, from 11:30 am until 2:30 pm on FRIDAY. Please come out to help support the club/major/minor if you are available!

>Big Game T-shirt.... we decided to use the same design as last year with a few adjustments. (Better tree, maybe add an axe).

>Scott Stephens talked to the club about

1. Plans for replacing the old log benches outside of Mulford.

2. Report on the the Boldgget Fire.

3. Zi Sigma Pi (Forestry Honor's society for Juniors and Seniors with a B or higher GPA).

4. Opportunities in his lab (URAP, honors thesis, etc). Go talk to him if you are interested! There's a lot you can do if you like fire!

Have a wonderful autumn week! All the leaves are turning beautiful! :)


Next Saturday is Climate Change Awareness day. Forestry Club will table on Sproul next Thursday or Friday to support the effort and publicize theClub and Major. Stay tuned for more details.

>November 5th will be our next Bean Feed! Mark your calendars!

>Ange has been newly appointed our Forestry Club Event Coordinator!

>Speaking of events.... This winter we will hold a FORESTRY CLUB YULE BALL!! If you'd like to be involved with the planning let Ange know.

>Bring ideas for the Big Game T-shirt Rally to next week's meeting.

>SNAMP meeting next Tuesday in Sacramento. Talk to Nary for details

( if you want to go. >Next semester we want to hold a SAF Bay Area chapter bean feed :)

Have a wonderful week!


>Ange gave a little overview of SAF. If you have pictures from SAF, lets use them in Timber.

>There is a SNAMP (Sierra Nevada Adaptive Management Project) meeting October 20th. If you are interested and can get out of class you should go!

>Scott Stephens will be coming to the Club meeting next week to talk about research opportunities.

>Looks like we are going to be doing some Redwood planting up on Grizzly Peak sometime in December/January.

>The logging sports team is looking for T-Shirt designs for the Big Game Rally. If you have an idea, make a design and submit it by next club meeting. or email it to

>We want to make a merchandise link on our website so alumni can see what we have... when this is organized we will need models! :)

>Christmas tree cut scheduled for DEC 5th. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

>Bring ideas for tabling for Climate Change Awareness Day next week.

See you at the Bean Feed! (Tomorrow 6:00 pm outside of Mulford Hall)


This week, we are having our first Forestry Seminar (Actually the first one is in 30 mins... sorry for the late notice) Meet in room 103 Mulford at 12:10, bring your lunch, and listen to Professors/Grad students and Guest speakers talk about what's going on in the wonderful world of Forestry.

This week's speaker, Kevin Ohara!

Our Christmas tree cut is Scheduled for the 4th-5th of December. And we will be selling trees on campus the following week. The Christmas tree sale is our primary source of income, so be sure to help out! Contact Strausser at if you have questions.

Next bean feed is scheduled for Oct. 8th!

If you are interested in studying Forestry abroad, check out University of Goettingen in Germany through the EAP program.

Have a lovely week!


Thanks everyone for coming to the meeting today. If you missed it, here's what's up:

Bean Feed tomorrow (9/10) outside of Mulford Hall

Next week we will begin talking about our annual Christmas tree cut and sale!

Inventory report of merchandise in 3rd floor closet with Dex, Friday (9/11) at 10:00 AM. Come help if you are available.

CAF Outreach. We talked about helping out with the Cal Alumni Forester's outreach in community/junior colleges. Mary will contact the CAF president and keep us updated.

Trail Maintenance in Plumas County this Sunday, Sept 13th if anyone is interested.

If you didn't pay your Dues today, remember to bring $5 to the bean feed! See you there! :)


Congratulations to our new officers!

SAF INFO Congratulations to Ricky for winning the Diversity Scholarship! SAF will be held this year from Sept 30th to Oct 4th in Orlando Florida. If you are interested in going, you must contact Kevin ( or Ange ( ASAP!!!! Don't forget to renew your SAF membership (or sign up to be a member if you don't have one) if you are going.

Bean Feed Our first Bean Feed of the semester will be Thursday the 10th at 6:00 on the South side of Mulford hall.

Club Dues club dues.... $5 a semester to help with Bean Feeds and other ForClub events. Please pay Dex (or Mary or Kevin since Dex can't make it to meetings) by the 1st Bean Feed.

Logging Sports Practice tomorrow (Thursday) at 3:00 and Sunday at 2:00pm. Contact Allison or Rick for more information about how to get there/what to bring etc. (

If you have ideas of ways to make our club even more awesome, please talk to Mary, our new President!