Meetings take place on Wednesdays at noon in 103 Mulford. We hope to see you there!


Hello Everyone!

Today we had a packed agenda, here are the notes:


Forest Conservation Days: Steph and Debra had a fun time guiding kids around in the forest for FCD in Saratoga. The person coordinating the program is a Berkeley Alum and would love to see move Cal Foresters next year!

Logging Sports Trip to Colorado: Our 3 people team had a safe, fun, exciting trip. They competed well too! Allison and Ange got 4th place in double-buck and Mary got 7th in axe-throw (on a broken ankle!)

Spring Break Trip to the Kalamath: Roxy talked about the trip 6 clubbers made up to the the Kalamath to help Sybil with the inventory project she talked about a few weeks ago. The people planning the project had never taken an inventory before so our clubbers got to help advise them as to what was feasible and possible.

Upcoming Events:

Lost Coast Camping Trip: This weekend April 2nd-4th. If you are going, see Steph's e-mail she sent out for car assignments and other details. Bring your own plate/cup/utensils.

Russell Campout: April 10th-11th. Mid morning Bill Libby will lead a tour around Russell and the plots on the property. In the afternoon we will clean up around the campfire area where we will camp the night.

Bay Area SAF Chapter Bean Feed: April 14th at 6:00 we will hold a Bean Feed followed by a lecture at 7:00. This is a great opportunity to do a little networking with alums, eat some delicious food, and learn about forest health in CA! (If you come for the Bean Feed, please stay for the lecture too.)

Cal Day: April 17th. Forestry Club will have a table near Sproul and also in front of Mulford Hall. We will be advertising the Forestry Major, Minor, Club, and Logging Sports. We decided to purchase 1 or 2 year seedlings to give out. We will need volunteers to wo/man the tables. Please sign up! If you have any ideas of how to display the awesomeness-that-is-forestry, let Raphaela know.

Earth Week: We decided to table during Earth Week on the 22nd of April. Please sign up if you have time.


Xi Sigma Pi: Steph and Scott Stephens talked about Xi Sigma Pi. This is the Forestry Honor Society. Any Junior or Senior in the Forestry major with above a 3.0 GPA is invited to join. If you are interested, you must carve a mini-axe and have 10 current member of xi sigma pi sign your axe. Scott Stephens made axe blanks, see him if you need one. You need to finish your axe and get it signed before the end of April.

Timber: Send your articles and pictures to Kate!!

ESPM 182: If you are planning to take ESPM 182 sign up to take it in Fall 2010. Starting next semester it will only be offered ever other year in fall. The course will be taught by Rob York.

Summer Camp: Summer Camp applications were due today, if you forgot, email Kevin O'hara ASAP and get it in.

Have a wonderful week, stay dry! ~your secretary


Hello ForClubbers! Here's what was discussed at the meeting on wednesday:

Russell Workday/Campout: Please fill out the doodle about what dates you are available for a Russell workday and campout.

Timber: If you volunteered to write an article for timber (or if you were volunteered) please email your articles to Kate: Bean Feed- Chase
Xi Sigma Pi: Stephanie B.
Christmas Tree Sale: Strausser
Logging Sports: Allison
Tree planting: Ricky
Field Trips: Debra

CAF Mentorship Contact Jason Moghaddas and let him know a list of your interests if you still want to be part of the Cal Foresters Alumni Mentorship program.

Summer Camp: Forestry Summer Camp 2010 applications are now available. They are due March 31st (right after spring break).

Senior BBQ: Every year the juniors in Forestry/Forestry club host a BBQ-like-gathering for graduating seniors, their families, and faculty after commencement. If you are a junior (or sophomore or freshman) start brainstorming possible ideas.

Blodgett Summer Jobs: If you are interested in research, you aren't going to summer camp, and you don't already have a job, you should look into working at Blodgett research forest this summer. Check out Job ID#: 10436 Keyword: Center For Forestry. Or Contact Rob York.

Rail Splitting: An opportunity to meet old alums, split some rails to make fences at the Lair of the Bear June 4th-6th. See John Nicoles' email for more information. or Contact Dianne Rett to sign up (510-642-3794).

Camping trip: Don't forget to tell Steph if you want to go ( or if you are interested in helping plan food or camping trip fun!

Have a great week everyone!


Hello Forest Friends!

Here's what was discussed today at the club meeting.

Bean Feed Friday! Our March Bean Feed will be this Friday (March 5th) outside Mulford Hall (if the weather permits, inside if it doesn't) at 5:00 PM. Please bring a cup/bowl/container/hat?... something to eat your chili out of to help reduce garbage. Thanks!

Forest Conservation Days: Forest Conservation Days is taking place March 13th-19th in Saratoga, Ca. This is a chance to teach kids about forestry and natural resources. The application and more information is available at: . Stephanie Brucart and Debra Larson are planning to volunteer the 13th and 14th. They will be leaving Berkeley Friday (12th) afternoon and return Sunday (14th) evening. If you want to come let them know: or

NorCal SAF Bean Feed: The NorCal SAF Bean feed will be held April 14th. 6:00 Bean feed, 7:00 lecture, 8:00 wrap up.

Russel Workday/Camp Out: A little survey will be sent out online to see what weekend people are available to spend a day and a night up at Russell Research Station. We'd spend the day helping out around the property, hear from Bill Libby about some of the research going on there, have a campfire, and stay over night. Stay Tuned.

List Serve: Are club members interested in making a separate list serve just for club business? (As of now other Forestry related opportunities are also sent out to the ForClub mailing list.) If so, talk to Kevin.

Cal Alumni Foresters Mentorship: If you are interested in shadowing a CAF alumni at work, asking someone questions about a field you are considering going into, email Jason Moghaddas at and let him know some of your interests. There are many alumni looking for mentees!

Professor Potts presented on a Research Opportunity this summer in Malaysia. See his e-mail regarding the opportunity for all of the details.

That's all for now. See you at Friday!


Hey ForClubbers!

Timber Update:
Kate met with an ASUC rep and found out we have $400!
Kate needs pictures of Forestry Club events (SAF, Bean Feeds, Tree Cut, Christmas tree sale, Field trips, etc.). If you have any, let her know and you can coordinate a way to get them to her:

Closet Cleaning Update:
1. There is A LOT of disposable cups/plates/silverware, no need to buy any more more a long time.
2. Merchandise needs to be modeled for the website, more information about this to come.
3. There are boxes of old Timbers, we are going to ask Al to put an announcement about them in the CAF announcements.
4. There are also many plaques and awards in the closet, we are going to look into the possibility of hanging them up in 103 Mulford.

SAF Bay Area Chapter Bean Feed:

We are now looking at the week of April 12th. We are hoping to have a Bean Feed at 6:00 followed by a lecture at 7:00.

NEXT Bean Feed: Our March Bean Feed will be next Friday, March 5th!

Forestry Club History: Rachel and Chase, our new Historians, searched through books in VLSB and put together a presentation about how the Forestry Major got started here at Cal. It was nice to learn more about our unique start and Mulford himself!

Zach Tane's visit: Zach will be coming March 30 to talk to ESPM183 about working for the USFS. 183 meets from 11-12:30 in Mulford 132. All forestry clubbers are welcome. Mark your calendars.

Have a wonderful week! ~your secretary


Hello ForClubbers!

Here's what you missed if you couldn't make it to the meeting:

1. Closet Cleaning/Inventory next Tuesday from 9:30-1:00. There is cool merchandise that needs to be modeled for the website... so come, look your best and be a Forestry Gear Model!

2. Logging Sports got back from Redding, where they had a great time, met other foresters and competed!

3. Forestry Seminar tomorrow at noon in Room 103. Bring your lunch and hear Bill Libby speak.

4. We are hoping to have a workday/learn about Russell sometime this semester. Details TBD.

5. Zach Tane, a recent Forestry graduate and USFS employee, will be in town in March and will give a presentation/Q&A to the ESPM183 class. Mary will check of other clubbers could attend this class. Date TBA.

6. Rachel requested funds to purchase a voice recorder to interview CalForestry alumni. The club approved, and Katherine offered to sell her really nice voice recorder to the club for cheap (10$)!

7. Russ Henly talked to the club all about his experiences working for CalFire and some of the issues that CalFire is facing currently. If you are interested in working for CalFire for the summer, contact Jeff Leddy: ASAP.

Other than that... have a wonderful week!


Hello dear Forest Friends!

Mary awarded Professor Kevin Ohara with the "Forest Practice Achievement Award" that was announced last week at the NorCal SAF meeting. Congratulations Kevin!

Camping Trip Sign-up! Steph passed around a sign-up sheet for the club camping trip to the Lost Coast April 2nd-4th. If you weren't at the meeting, please e-mail Steph ( and tell her:

1. If you can come
2. When you can leave on Friday
3. If you have a tent and how many people it sleeps
4. If you can drive and how many people you could take

Tree planting last Saturday was a great success despite the rain the the poison oak! Thanks for coming to help!

Since Rafaela, our merchandise officer, cannot be at Bean Feeds the whole time, Laura will help her sell merchandise. So next Bean Feed bring some money and buy awesome CalForester gear!

Forestry Seminars are back starting tomorrow (Feb 11th) in 103 Mulford at 12:00 pm!!

Applications for Summer Camp TA are now available.

Applications to participate in Summer Camp will be available soon.

Jason Moghaddas came to talk to the club today about CAF (Cal Alumni Foresters) and what CAF is doing to help support all of us students. He encouraged us to take advantage of the network that we have, ask a lot of questions, and make connections.

Mentorship Program: The mentorship program is an opportunity for clubbers to talk to a CAF member, shadow them on the job, and check out the diverse array of possible career paths that Cal Foresters have taken. If you are interested in participating, send Jason an e-mail with your Name, contact information, and areas of interest so that you can be matched up with a CAF member who works in those fields. ( Also, if you have any questions or ideas of how the CAF can best support us students, you can also email Jason.

Good Luck Logging Sports Team! This weekend is their first competition of the semester!

That's all folks!

P.S. A big THANK YOU to our Bean Feed Coordinators Steph and Sam! And thanks everyone for coming!!


Hello dear Forest Friends!

Here's what's new with the Forestry Club:

Bean Feed tomorrow! Come enjoy some Chili, Desserts, and Beverages with your fellow tree-loving friends outside Mulford Hall (if it isn't rainy) and inside Mulford Hall in room 134 (if it is rainy) at 5:00 PM! (bring your own bowl-like-eating-device)

Redwood Planting in the Claremont Canyon: (See Kevin's e-mail) If you go, you will need boots and rain gear, they will provide gloves.

Forestry Club Camping Trip: The most popular weekend was the weekend of April 2nd-4th. Steph is going to book reservations for a group campsite at The Lost Coast!

Summer Jobs: Throughout the next few months there will be many summer job opportunities sent to you on the ForClub mailing list. Polish up your resume and apply!

Forest Conservation Days: FCD is a SAF sponsored event which promotes teaching elementary school children about the wonders of forests. This year FCD will be held from March 12th through the 19th in Saratoga, Ca. If you like beautiful log cabins, tromping in the woods, kids, and talking to really nice foresters this is the place for you! You can come for as many days as you want. Volunteer forms are available upstairs by the ForClub bulletin board.

Scholarship opportunity! The Redwood Region Logging Conference is accepting applications for the Emanuel Fritz Memorial Scholarship and the Ron Adams Memorial Scholarship. Qualifications: Freshmen/Sophomore/Junior/continuing Senior Forestry Majors. Deadline: February 5th. Check out ("Education Programs"-->"Scholarship Information") for the application/essay prompt.

Guest Speaker: Sibyl Diver a Grad student in ESPM talked to the Club about an opportunity to be part of a project in the the Klamath Basin working with the Native Tribe living there gathering information about their land for future land management projects. Sibyl is looking for a group of students who would be interested in going up to the Klamath for a few days (maybe spring break or late may) to work on this project. If you are interested contact her at sdiver! or 206-849-5577.

Logging Sports: If you want to be part of the Logging Sports team or would like to know when practice is, email Allison to be placed on the email list. (

Club Dues: Last but not least don't forget to pay your Semester Dues to Bryce($5). You can pay at the Bean Feed! :)

See you tomorrow at 5:00!


Hey Forestry Clubbers! Welcome back to a new semester! Thanks for coming to the meeting today, and if you couldn't make it, here's what's new:

1. A big Thank You to all our officers from last semester! And congratulations to our new Spring Officers!

2. NOR CAL SAF: This Saturday (30th) the NorCal SAF is holding their annual meeting in Sacramento. If you signed up and you're planning to go, e-mail Mary so we can coordinate rides. (

3. FIRST BEAN FEED! The first bean feed of the semester will be Thursday Feb 4th at 5:00 PM outside Mulford Hall! Bring a bowl and an appetite! :)

4. REDWOOD PLANTING: February 6th we'll be planting redwoods. If you didn't sign up at the meeting, you can do so by e-mailing Mary.

5. FORESTRY SEMINARS: The lunch time Forestry Seminars will be starting up next Thursday (Feb 4th) at Noon in Room 103. If you have any suggestions for speakers, let Scott Stephens know.

Plans for the new semester!

1. XI SIGMA PI: If you are a Forestry Major with a GPA over 3.0 you are invited to join Xi Sigma Pi. You are required to carve a mini axe head and get 10 Xi Sigma Pi members to sign it. If you have questions, talk to Steph (

2. BAY AREA SAF CHAPTER get-together: Cal Forestry Club is planning to invite the Bay Area SAF Chapter members to Cal for a Bean Feed and a Presentation sometime in March.

3. FORCLUB CAMPING TRIP: We are hoping to have a fun adventurous camping trip sometime this semester. Steph will send out a survey so we can figure out what weekends could work. If you have cool ideas of where to go, let her know.

4. WORK/CAMP at RUSSELL: We are looking into sometime during the semester, having a clean-up/work day at Russell.

See you all around Mulford!

Have a Great Week!

Email: 1/19

Hi All: I hope you had a great break!!! Sorry for the late notice, but we will be holding our first meeting of the semester tomorrow at noon in 103 Mulford. This time is not set in stone, so if you cannot make the meeting, please email Kevin and myself day and times you wish to hold the meetings this semester. Tomorrow we will be taking nominations for officer positions and also make announcements about Winter SAF meeting (sign up by Jan 23rd!!!) and redwood tree planing in the canyon. See you tomorrow and happy first day of class! -Mary

Email: 12/17

Hi All: First I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful and productive semester! While you are all out on your breaks doing fun things and relaxing, here is some forestry club stuff to think about:

January 30th (Sat that we get back to school) is the NorCal SAF winter meeting in Sacramento. It would be wonderful to have a strong student presence there this year (last year Allison was the only one! Lets give her some company!) If you would like to attend, please register BEFORE Jan 23rd. It will be $25 and the club will reimburse you at our first meeting. We will arrange rides that week, as well. The flyer can be viewed at

We will be planting redwoods up in Claremont Canyon again this year mid January. So be dreaming about digging large holes and carefully, and lovingly, placing a redwood in it and I will email you all later in the break.

Hope you all have good break and Happy New Year! -Mary