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Forestry Club Minutes for Thursday, February 6th

Meeting time
• Laura passed around a survey asking people when they are available for our weekly meetings
• She will choose a time to incorporate the greatest amount of members so if you plant on attending,
let her know by Friday when you can make it

Logging Sports
• There will be practice this Sunday, February 9th at 2pm. Please meet at Mulford

Career Fair
• We are sponsoring the upcoming Non-profit career fair. It will take place next Wed. February 12th at the Pauley Ballroom, 3rd Floor of MLK Student Union Building
• Thanx to those members that signed up to help out with the fair. Please go to the Pauley Ballroom at your scheduled time. (I will send out a copy of the sign up sheet on Monday in case you don’t remember the time
you signed up for.)
• I need the last names of Pascal, Sam, and Jamie (don’t want to misspell them). I need them by 5pm today so if someone knows, please email me ASAP.
• If you have some spare time and would like to distribute posters about this event, please pick them up at 260 Mulford – ask Catalina
• Don’t forget to bring your resume and dress nice if you’re looking to make contacts ?

• Has contacted our club and expressed desire to have an event here
• More information will be available at the next meeting

• Members (you know who you are) that have written stories from last semester’s events need to submit them to Laura so that we can start working on putting this year’s edition together
• Does any one want to write about their experience at Forestry Camp?
• If you have pictures of club activities, please submit them to Laura

Cal Day
• We will have a booth set up at the Cal Day events. More news to follow at a later date

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