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Forestry Club Minutes for January 22nd, 2003

Bean Feed
• The 1st bean feed of the semester will be held next Wed. January 29th at 5:30 pm.
• Brendan is in charge of the feed so if you want to contribute any dishes please contact him.
• This bean feed will be used to recruit new members to the club – please invite as many potential recruits as possible. Their meal will be free.

Advertising Forestry Club
• We need to recruit more members to the forestry club. Possible ways of doing so include:
a. tabling on Sproul (before the bean feed next Wed.)
Ian is willing to spend some time doing this and
would like some other people to help him
b. announcing information about the club in all your classes
c. sending out an email describing what the club does to the CNR email list – Ian and Natalie Spear will work to make this happen

Meeting time
• It is difficult to reserve a room during our regular meeting times – Wed. at 11:30. Consequently, there’s a proposal to hold the club meetings on Tuesday at 11:30 instead.

Career Day Event
• Kevin P. and I will meet Susan Kishi (Career Center advisor for CNR) to coordinate the details of the event that the club will be sponsoring this semester – details to follow later as more info. becomes available.

Nominations for officers
• Please see email from Kevin sent out earlier today. Submit all nominations by this Friday.

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