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Christmas Tree Sale 2013

The Forestry Club's annual Christmas Tree sale is the main fundraiser the club. Students travel to the Sierra Nevada to harvest trees (generously donated by Sierra Pacific Industries). Trees are selected by students to be trees that would not normally survive to adulthood (usually because they are too close to other trees), thus they are considered sustainably harvested. Tree species harvested are mainly White Fir, Red Fir, and Incense Cedar.
Tree sizes range from one foot to 10 feet, with larger trees available upon request. If you are interested in ordering a specific size/species, please contact us at

Dates: 12/8-12/13

Location: Outside Mulford Hall on the University of California, Berkeley Campus (please see the map for access and parking information).

Hours: 8AM-5PM.

Cost: $6/foot

We hope to see you there!