Forestry Club List Serve

The forestry club recently updated the list serve so there are now two separate lists:

1. is the list serve for students and alumni to post information such as job offers or general items. Any email sent to will go out to the listserve, so be careful when sending emails and replying to emails from that address.
To sign up, go to:

2. list serve is limited to current members of the forestry club/SAF chapter. This is to allow for communications between club members to avoid spamming past members with notifications.
To sign up, go to and sign up.

Current Officers for Fall 2012:

President: Haley Kitchens (

Vice President: Lizzie Ebert (

Secretary: Rosie Perrot (

Treasurer: Audrey Taylor (

Publicity: Nochella Ozard (

Memorabilia: Carolyn Richter and Brita Rustad (

Webmaster: Carolyn Richter (

Logging Sports Coordinators: Lizzie Ebert and Jon Perrin (

Timber Editor/Historian: Katie Clyatt (

SAF Coordinator: Gwyndolyn Ozard (

Bean Feed Organizers: Natalie Holt (, Jon Pyner, and Aaron Wang

Club Advisor: Kevin O'Hara (

Past Officers

A "?" denotes missing information. If you have any information to help fill in the blanks please contact the current webmaster.



Currently missing much of the 1990's and early 2000's




Years 1966-1989: Shaping Forestry's Future - 75 Years of Forestry education at the University of California

Years 1912-1965: Forestry at the University of California - The First Fifty Years.