News for Spring 2013:

Christmas Tree Sale - 12/8-12/13



Christmas Tree Sale 2013

The Forestry Club's annual Christmas Tree sale is the main fundraiser the club. Students travel to the Sierra Nevada to harvest trees (generously donated by Sierra Pacific Industries). Trees are selected by students to be trees that would not normally survive to adulthood (usually because they are too close to other trees), thus they are considered sustainably harvested. Tree species harvested are mainly White Fir, Red Fir, and Incense Cedar.
Tree sizes range from one foot to 10 feet, with larger trees available upon request. If you are interested in ordering a specific size/species, please contact us at

Dates: 12/8-12/13

Location: Outside Mulford Hall on the University of California, Berkeley Campus (please see the map for access and parking information).

Hours: 8AM-5PM.

Cost: $6/foot

We hope to see you there!

New Merchandise!

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Cal Forestry Club Centennial:
Celebrating 100 Years!

Bean Feed of the Century:
Come celebrate 100 years of the Cal Forestry Club with a Centennial Bean Feed on 1/26! Check out the invitation below for more details and to RSVP. We hope to see you there!

Centennial Merchandise:
Centennial Merchandise has arrived! Be sure to check out the Memorabilia page to place your orders! We are currently taking orders online. Check out a preview below!

Cal Forestry History Links:

From "EARLY HISTORY AND PROGRESS OF WOMEN ECOLOGISTS: Emphasis Upon Research Contribution"... "

Nationally, the General Federation of Women's Clubs, founded in 1890, actively informed women about urgent political, economic and social issues of the day, including environmental concerns. Women were also involved early (starting in 1886) in Audubon Society activities, such as protection of game birds from hunters and protection of plumed birds from extinction due to ladies' fashions. They became particularly active with regard to forestry. For example, recognizing the need for trained men to manage and protect the forests, the women of the California Club in 1903 presented a bill to the state legislature to establish a School of Forestry at the University of California, Berkeley. At that time the only three schools of forestry in the United States were on the East Coast"

(Link courtesy of Cal Forestry alumna Gina Gemma Lopez)

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About Us:

Welcome to the home of the Cal Foresters. The Cal Forestry Club began electing officers and became established in the spring of 1912. For almost 100 years the Cal Forestry Club has complemented and enriched the students' classroom education.

The club is known for its long history and traditions many of which are still carried on to this day. One such tradition is “Bean Feeds” that take place on campus throughout the semester. Bean Feeds are dinners made with the Forestry Club's own chili. Members often attend bean feeds, which include students, faculty, and alumni. Originally, in the 1920's Bean Feeds were held in the eucalyptus grove. However, today Bean Feeds are now held outside Mulford Hall.

We are fortunate to have one of the most active alumni groups on campus. The Forestry Club is grateful for all the support the Cal Alumni Foresters have provided over the years.

This website contains descriptions of recent events that the Forestry Club Members have participated in. Upcoming events and information will be posted on the right column. Please feel free to click on the links and browse the website.

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