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Fall 2002 Logging Sports at Cal

Fit and strong 2002 forestry campers bolstered the Fall 2002 Cal logging sports team. Regular practices included field maintenance and improvements, fighting poison oak for chopping logs, with more and more practice at the UCB Russell Reservation as the field developed. The huge obstacle pole gave us grief, but Nikolai Barca-Hall got revenge and the last laugh by surfing it onto the field (photo). Brad the Reservation Manager showed some mad skills on the tractor setting the obstacle pole in place. Thanks Brad! (Without Brad’s advice and support, we wouldn’t have logging sports at Cal).

The spy mission (organized by logging sports Guru veteran Julie Rentner) to Cal Poly’s Santa Cruz field was fruitful – we asked 100 questions and took photos while “helping them set up for the Fall conclave”… Despite being terribly busy with schoolwork, the hardcore foresters managed to find time to practice, welcoming advice from Cal Poly legends Brooke, Jackie, Than and Thomas, and from the seasoned Cal Forester Vern Brown.

The hard work paid off on November 10th 2002 at Cal Poly’s Fall Conclave on their Swanton Rd ranch near Santa Cruz. Kevin Pettway (President), Sam “Woody” Woodham-Roberts and Nikolai B-H were fearless and fast over the choker-set race. Everybody chopped big logs (not toes) and worked out on the sweet crosscut saws (Thanks Alumni and Rick Standiford). Saana Deichsel and Jamie Westoby took 2nd place in women’s double buck, while Pascal Berrill took 3rd in the vertical hard hit chopping and fluked 1st in men’s axe throw. Of course, good times were had at the dinner, awards ceremony and bonfire party afterwards; Cal was well represented on and off the field. GO BEARS!

-Pascal Berrill-

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