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Humboldt's California Conclave

May 3rd, 2003

Again the three brave foresters set out for what they thought would be a much more painless drive, only to encounter continuous rain and patches of frighteningly low visibility. After surviving the 101, they settled into Kabin 5 of the KOA and chatted it up with foresters from the other participating schools, including Cal Poly, Riedley, Humboldt, and UW.

Although fewer schools were in attendance, the competition still ran high. Fortunately, Berkeley rose to the occasion and made it known that they are a force to be reckoned with. Pascal started of the day with a bang by sweetly slicing through his horizontal hard hit block and securing a 2nd place finish. Following his lead, Jamie chopped her way to 2nd place in the horizontal hard hit and 3rd in the horizontal speed chop. All her hard work in the gym must be paying off because she was also able to beat her caber toss in Oregon with a distance of 22 feet 9 inches for another 2nd place finish. However, she attributes her success to the team's secret weapon; chocolate covered espresso beans. By far the most impressive feat in Humboldt would have to be Saana and Pascal's tremendous performance in the Jack 'n Jill event that won them a 2nd place prize. Their saw dropped through the 22" diameter wood like a hot knife through butter. Oh how success is truly sweet! To finish off the day, Pascal set the tone for the axe throw finals with an impressive

-Jamie Westoby-