Meeting Minutes: Spring 2009

The Forestry Club meetings take place weekly in 103 Mulford Hall at noon on Wednesdays.


-Bean feed this friday at 5pm outside of Mulford. New forestry campers will be there!

-Senior bbq plans are top secret. It will be on Sunday, May 17th at noon, and you can get your copy of Timber there. RSVP as soon as you can!

-Don Gasser award goes to Kevin O'Hara!

-Forestry Club service award goes to Melissa Chun!

-May 29th is rail-splitting for anyone still interested...

good luck on finals! and congratulations to all those who are graduating! and have a super fun summer! may the forest be with you.


1) Thanks to everyone who tabled at Cal Day! 2) The senior bbq will be at Bryce's house (on the corner of Bancroft and Piedmont) on Sunday, May 17th 3) Bean feed soon-ish, as soon as they let people know about forestry camp 4) Turn in timber articles/stuff immediately 5) Renew your SAF membership if you haven't done so already


1. Please please please please sign up for Cal Day tabling if you are going to be around at all. We should have at least 2 people per time slot. 2. Merchandise: Sam is coming up with all sorts of great merchandise. Stay tuned for details and an e-mail from him with all of his wonderful ideas. Thanks to Becky for an awesome new design! 3. Timber: Thanks to a grant from the ASUC, students will probably receive a free copy of timber. Send in any last minute photos/ideas you may have to Rick or Dex.


1. Rail splitting: May 29-31st at the lair of the bear camp. If you're interested in participating see Susan's previous e-mail.

2. Cal Day: Please sign up to volunteer on saturday, April 18th if you are going to be around. There's a few empty time slots that need to be filled so please volunteer if you can! Sign up at:

3. Senior BBQ: If you're not graduating this year, you should help organize the senior BBQ on commencement day (Sunday, May 17th at noon). More details to come...

4. Timber/Logging sports: Meet at Ricky's on saturday at 11 am to help put timber together and repair some logging sports equipment. His house is at 1036 Creston Rd, Berkeley or call him at (626)-500-6212 if you need a ride.

5. CRSSO festival: There will be an environmental action festival friday, April 24th from 12-5pm on the south side of Mulford. There will be food and music (and possibly a forestry club table)!


hey guys, here's some important announcements from meeting today:

-Bill Stewart came by to talk about the forest guild. Its an awesome forestry organization with a unique perspective on forestry, and they have free student membership. Check it out at:

-Xi Sigma Pi: If you're interested there's a meeting on Monday at noon in 103 Mulford. See Mary's e-mail for more details.

-Blood Drive: Steph L. sent out a sign up sheet. Please to at least one hour if you can! Sign up at

-Cal Day: seedlings are coming! Also sign up for at least one hour if you can:

-Congrats to the logging sports team for a great job at AWFC!!! And also great job getting money from the ASUC.


Forestry club will be sponsoring a Red Cross blood drive. It will be on Monday April 6th from 10-6pm in Pauley ballroom. Sign up to table for Cal Day (April 18th)! Timber: please help out Susan, Steph Lin, and Melissa with sponsors if you can. Also, Ricky and Dex will be taking everyone's pictures for timber at the next bean feed. most importantly: Bean feed next thursday, march 12th at 5pm outside Mulford!!!


1. TGIF:  Apply for grants, they are accepting applications until March
31st (go to for an application and more info)

2. BAM would like us to have a table and/or poster for Earth week... more
info to come.

3. Forest conservation days- organized by SAF to educate 5th graders about
forestry in Saratoga. We'll need some volunteers (probably around spring
break). Susan will send out more info when she gets it.

4. T-shirts: e-mail sambuloid ( with your designs.
we'll be voting on new merch sometime soon!


1) Pay your dues! They are $5 for the semester. Please turn it in to Marc Barker (bring it to the bean feed tomorrow!)

2) CAF Mentorship: sign up if you're interested / contact Susan if you weren't at meeting

3) Logging Conference- Redding Feb 12-14th. Joe McBride is offering rides. If you want to participate in any events contact melissa ( or Ricky ( If you're planning on participating, there will be a meeting after forestry club next week. Logging sports practice is Sunday at 1 or 2.

4) Timber: e-mail Ricky or Dexter ( with ideas for cover, dedications, nominations, or articles. Also, they need at least 3 photographers. They will be e-mailing out about this later.

5) Urban releaf. To quote Susan "you just shove a tree in the ground and they feed you hot dogs". Susan will send out dates for when thats going to happen.

6) Bean feed tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring delicious treats if you're awesome.


hey guys- just a few announcements:

-first bean feed is next thursday, february 5th at 5pm.

-if you're interested in working for calfire, get an application from Susan or online. Jeff said he'd send an e-mail out sometime soon with information.