To Order: Contact the Memorabilia Officer or come to a Bean Feed.

Memorabilia Officers: Carolyn Richter and Brita Rustad (

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Centennial Memorabilia

Hooded Sweatshirt, $30:

Ringer Tees, $15 (available in youth sizes too!):

Decals, $5:

Pint Glasses, (email for pricing)

Sweatshirts - $30 (Limited Sizes Available):

Hooded Sweatshirt:

Classic Full Zip Hoodie, $30

T-shirts: (long-sleeved - $20, short-sleeved - $15)

Classic Polo Shirt, $15

Big Game Shirt (Text: Not All Trees Deserve A Hug):

Campanile Shirt (Limited Sizes Available):



Cal Foresters Belt Buckle--$25

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